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Definition of Her thanks

Her thanks
Thank Thank (th[a^][-n]k), n.; pl. Thanks. [AS. [thorn]anc, [thorn]onc, thanks, favor, thought; akin to OS. thank favor, pleasure, thanks, D. & G. dank thanks, Icel. [thorn]["o]kk, Dan. tak, Sw. tack, Goth. [thorn]agks thanks; -- originally, a thought, a thinking. See Think.] A expression of gratitude; an acknowledgment expressive of a sense of favor or kindness received; obligation, claim, or desert, or gratitude; -- now generally used in the plural. ``This ceremonial thanks.' --Massinger. If ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye? for sinners also do even the same. --Luke vi. 33. What great thank, then, if any man, reputed wise and constant, will neither do, nor permit others under his charge to do, that which he approves not, especially in matter of sin? --Milton. Thanks, thanks to thee, most worthy friend, For the lesson thou hast taught. --Longfellow. His thanks, Her thanks, etc., of his or her own accord; with his or her good will; voluntary. [Obs.] Full sooth is said that love ne lordship, Will not, his thanks, have no fellowship. --Chaucer. In thank, with thanks or thankfulness. [Obs.] Thank offering, an offering made as an expression of thanks.

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- vessel was saved from dereliction by a group of enthusiasts who restored her. thanks to a successful heritage lottery grant in 2008 the vessel has been completely
- the title. it is an earnest ballad in which the singer, as he leaves her, thanks his lover for good times and positive memories. the song was performed
- her third child. cameras were set up in her room so she could express her thanks in the likely case of her winning. groucho marx later sent her a telegram
- without [courtneidge] it would most certainly have failed. but with her, thanks to her indefatigable vitality, the show was a hit.' this was ivor novello's
- inside album cover includes a personal message from knight that includes her thanks and a short biography of her life and career that was written by jeff
- since haruka's disappearance and yoshihisa has been unable to contact her. thanks to daichi's help, the esp research club track haruka down to the last
- that she should never marry. all three were fulfilled, and as a mark of her thanks, dwynwen devoted herself to god's service for the rest of her life.
- overwhelmed, artemis kept up the fight valiantly until diana was able to aid her, thanks to a disguised circe teleporting her to her side. during the fight circe
- in 1985, she thought she had missed her big break. lou then offered her 'thanks for my child'. riley still had her nurse's job when the song went to