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A transmontanus
Sturgeon Stur"geon, n. [F. esturgeon, LL. sturio, sturgio, OHG. sturjo, G. st["o]r; akin to AS. styria, styriga.] (Zo["o]l.) Any one of numerous species of large cartilaginous ganoid fishes belonging to Acipenser and allied genera of the family Acipenserid[ae]. They run up rivers to spawn, and are common on the coasts and in the large rivers and lakes of North America, Europe, and Asia. Caviare is prepared from the roe, and isinglass from the air bladder. Note: The common North American species are Acipenser sturio of the Atlantic coast region, A. transmontanus of the Pacific coast, and A. rubicundus of the Mississippi River and its tributaries. In Europe, the common species is Acipenser sturio, and other well-known species are the sterlet and the huso. The sturgeons are included in the order Chondrostei. Their body is partially covered by five rows of large, carinated, bony plates, of which one row runs along the back. The tail is heterocercal. The toothless and protrusile mouth is beneath the head, and has four barbels in front. Shovel-nosed sturgeon. (Zo["o]l.) See Shovelnose (d) .
Autotransformer Au`to*trans*form"er, n. [Auto- + transformer.] (Elec.) A transformer in which part of the primary winding is used as a secondary winding, or vice versa; -- called also a compensator or balancing coil.
Canis latrans
Coyote Coy"o*te (k?"?-t? or k?"?t), n. [Spanish Amer., fr. Mexican coyotl.] (Zo["o]l.) A carnivorous animal (Canis latrans), allied to the dog, found in the western part of North America; -- called also prairie wolf. Its voice is a snapping bark, followed by a prolonged, shrill howl.
Carbon transmitter
Carbon transmitter Carbon transmitter A telephone transmitter in which a carbon contact is used.
Chose transitory
Chose Chose, n.; pl. Choses. [F., fr. L. causa cause, reason. See Cause.] (Law) A thing; personal property. Chose in action, a thing of which one has not possession or actual enjoyment, but only a right to it, or a right to demand it by action at law, and which does not exist at the time in specie; a personal right to a thing not reduced to possession, but recoverable by suit at law; as a right to recover money due on a contract, or damages for a tort, which can not be enforced against a reluctant party without suit. Chose in possession, a thing in possession, as distinguished from a thing in action. Chose local, a thing annexed to a place, as a mill. Chose transitory, a thing which is movable. --Cowell. Blount.
double transfer
Carbon process Car"bon process (Photog.) A printing process depending on the effect of light on bichromatized gelatin. Paper coated with a mixture of the gelatin and a pigment is called carbon paper or carbon tissue. This is exposed under a negative and the film is transferred from the paper to some other support and developed by washing (the unexposed portions being dissolved away). If the process stops here it is called single transfer; if the image is afterward transferred in order to give an unreversed print, the method is called double transfer.
Impertransibility Im`per*tran`si*bil"i*ty, n. The quality or state of being impertransible. [R.]
Impertransible Im`per*tran"si*ble, a. [L. pref. im- not + pertransire to go through. See Per- and Transient.] Incapable of being passed through. [R.]
In transitu
In transitu In` tran"si*tu [L.] (Law) In transit; during passage; as, goods in transitu.
Intertranspicuous In`ter*tran*spic"u*ous, a. Transpicuous within or between. [R.] --Shelley.
Intertransverse In`ter*trans*verse", a. Between the transverse processes of the vertebr[ae].
Intranscalent In`trans*ca"lent, a. Impervious to heat; adiathermic.
Intransgressible In`trans*gress"i*ble, a. [L. intragressibilis that can not be crossed. See In- not, and Transgress.] Incapable of being transgressed; not to be passes over or crossed. --Holland.
Intransigent In*trans"i*gent, a. [F. intransigeant (cf. Sp. intransigente); pref. in- not + L. transigere to come to an agreement; trans across + agere to lead, act.] Refusing compromise; uncompromising; irreconcilable. --Lond. Sat. Rev.
Intransigentes In`trans"i*gen*tes, n. pl. [Sp.] (Spanish Politics) The extreme radicals; the party of the irreconcilables.
Intransitively In*tran"si*tive*ly, adv. (Gram.) Without an object following; in the manner of an intransitive verb.
Intransmissible In`trans*mis"si*ble, a. Not capable of being transmitted.
Intransmutability In`trans*mu`ta*bil"i*ty, n. The quality of being intransmutable.
Intransmutable In`trans*mut"a*ble, a. Not capable of being transmuted or changed into another substance.
Intranssient In*trans"sient, a. Not transient; remaining; permanent. --Killingbeck.
Linear transformation
Linear measure, the measurement of length. Linear numbers (Math.), such numbers as have relation to length only: such is a number which represents one side of a plane figure. If the plane figure is a square, the linear figure is called a root. Linear problem (Geom.), a problem which may be solved geometrically by the use of right lines alone. Linear transformation (Alg.), a change of variables where each variable is replaced by a function of the first degree in the new variable.
main transom
On the wing. (a) Supported by, or flying with, the wings another. On the wings of the wind, with the utmost velocity. Under the wing, or wings, of, under the care or protection of. Wing and wing (Naut.), with sails hauled out on either side; -- said of a schooner, or her sails, when going before the wind with the foresail on one side and the mainsail on the other; also said of a square-rigged vessel which has her studding sails set. Cf. Goosewinged. Wing case (Zo["o]l.), one of the anterior wings of beetles, and of some other insects, when thickened and used to protect the hind wings; an elytron; -- called also wing cover. Wing covert (Zo["o]l.), one of the small feathers covering the bases of the wing quills. See Covert, n., 2. Wing gudgeon (Mach.), an iron gudgeon for the end of a wooden axle, having thin, broad projections to prevent it from turning in the wood. See Illust. of Gudgeon. Wing shell (Zo["o]l.), wing case of an insect. Wing stroke, the stroke or sweep of a wing. Wing transom (Naut.), the uppermost transom of the stern; -- called also main transom. --J. Knowles.
Mistranslate Mis`trans*late", v. t. To translate erroneously.
Mistranslation Mis`trans*la"tion, n. Wrong translation.
Mistransport Mis`trans*port", v. t. To carry away or mislead wrongfully, as by passion. [Obs.] --Bp. Hall.
Multiple transformer
Transformer Trans*form"er, n. Multiple transformer. (Elec.) (a) A transformer connected in multiple or in parallel with the primary circuit. (b) A transformer with more than one primary or more than one secondary coil. Parallel transformer (Elec.), a transformer connected in parallel.
Parallel transformer
Parallel transformer Parallel transformer (Elec.) A transformer connected in parallel.
Parallel transformer
Transformer Trans*form"er, n. Multiple transformer. (Elec.) (a) A transformer connected in multiple or in parallel with the primary circuit. (b) A transformer with more than one primary or more than one secondary coil. Parallel transformer (Elec.), a transformer connected in parallel.
Pertransient Per*tran"sient, a. [L. pertransiens, p. pr. of pertransire.] Passing through or over. [R.]
Phasing transformer
Phasing transformer Phasing transformer Any of several transformers (there must be at least two) for changing phase.

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