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Definition of Establish

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Coestablishment Co`es*tab"lish*ment, n. Joint establishment. --Bp. Watson.
Disestablish Dis`es*tab"lish, v. t. To unsettle; to break up (anything established); to deprive, as a church, of its connection with the state. --M. Arnold.
Disestablishment Dis`es*tab"lish*ment, n. 1. The act or process of unsettling or breaking up that which has been established; specifically, the withdrawal of the support of the state from an established church; as, the disestablishment and disendowment of the Irish Church by Act of Parliament. 2. The condition of being disestablished.
Established suit
Established suit Es*tab"lished suit (Whist) A plain suit in which a player (or side) could, except for trumping, take tricks with all his remaining cards.
Establisher Es*tab"lish*er, n. One who establishes.
Establishmentarian Es*tab`lish*men*ta"ri*an, n. One who regards the Church primarily as an establishment formed by the State, and overlooks its intrinsic spiritual character. --Shipley.
Preestablish Pre`["e]s*tab"lish, v. t. To establish beforehand.
Preestablishment Pre`["e]s*tab"lish*ment, n. Settlement beforehand.
Reestablish Re`["e]s*tab"lish (r?`?s*t?b"l?sh), v. t. To establish anew; to fix or confirm again; to restore; as, to re["e]stablish a covenant; to re["e]stablish health.
Reestablisher Re`["e]s*tab"lish*er (-?r), n. One who establishes again.
Reestablishment Re`["e]s*tab"lish*ment (-mnt), n. The act re["e]stablishing; the state of being re["e]stablished. --Addison.
Unestablish Un`es*tab"lish, v. t. [1st pref. un- + establish.] To disestablish. [R.] The Parliament demanded of the king to unestablish that prelatical government. --Milton.

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