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Abelian A*bel"i*an, Abelite A"bel*ite, Abelonian A`bel*o"ni*an, n. (Eccl. Hist.) One of a sect in Africa (4th century), mentioned by St. Augustine, who states that they married, but lived in continence, after the manner, as they pretended, of Abel.
Carmelite Car"mel*ite, Carmelin Car"mel*in a. Of or pertaining to the order of Carmelites.
Carmelite Car"mel*ite, n. 1. (Eccl. Hist.) A friar of a mendicant order (the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) established on Mount Carmel, in Syria, in the twelfth century; a White Friar. 2. A nun of the Order of Our lady of Mount Carmel.
Delitescence Del`i*tes"cence, n. [See Delitescent.] 1. Concealment; seclusion; retirement. The delitescence of mental activities. --Sir W. Hamilton. 2. (Med.) The sudden disappearance of inflammation.
Delitescency Del`i*tes"cen*cy, n. Concealment; seclusion. The mental organization of the novelist must be characterized, to speak craniologically, by an extraordinary development of the passion for delitescency. --Sir W. Scott.
Delitescent Del`i*tes"cent, a. [L. delitescens, -entis, p. pr. of delitescere to lie hid.] Lying hid; concealed.
Ficttelite Fict"tel*ite, n. (Min.) A white crystallized mineral resin from the Fichtelgebirge, Bavaria.
Ismaelian Is`ma*e"li*an, Ismaelite Is"ma*el*ite, n. (Eccl.) One of a sect of Mohammedans who favored the pretensions of the family of Mohammed ben Ismael, of the house Ali.
Israelite Is"ra*el*ite, n. [L. Isra["e]lites, Gr. ?, fr. ?, ?, Israel, Heb. Yisr[=a]?l, i. e., champion of God; s[=a]r[=a]h to fight + ?l God.] A descendant of Israel, or Jacob; a Hebrew; a Jew.
Knebelite Kne"bel*ite, n. [From Major von Knebel.] (Min.) A mineral of a gray, red, brown, or green color, and glistening luster. It is a silicate of iron and manganese.
nephelite elaeolite syenite
Syenite Sy"e*nite, n. [L. Syenites (sc. lapis), from Syene, Gr. ?.] (Min.) (a) Orig., a rock composed of quartz, hornblende, and feldspar, anciently quarried at Syene, in Upper Egypt, and now called granite. (b) A granular, crystalline, ingeous rock composed of orthoclase and hornblende, the latter often replaced or accompanied by pyroxene or mica. Syenite sometimes contains nephelite (el[ae]olite) or leucite, and is then called nephelite (el[ae]olite) syenite or leucite syenite.
Ottrelite Ot"trel*ite, n. [From Ottrez, on the borders of Luxembourg.] (Min.) A micaceous mineral occurring in small scales. It is characteristic of certain crystalline schists.
Pimelite Pim"e*lite, n. [Gr. ? fat.] (Min.) An apple-green mineral having a greasy feel. It is a hydrous silicate of nickel, magnesia, aluminia, and iron.
Pre-Raphaelite Pre-Raph"a*el*ite, n. Popularly, any modern artist thought to be a would-be restorer of early ideas or methods, as one of the German painters often called Nazarenes, or one who paints and draws with extreme minuteness of detail.
Preraphaelite Pre*raph"a*el*ite, a. Of or pertaining to the style called preraphaelitism; as, a preraphaelite figure; a preraphaelite landscape. --Ruskin.
Preraphaelite Pre*raph"a*el*ite, n. One who favors or practices art as it was before Raphael; one who favors or advocates preraphaelitism.
Quinqueliteral Quin`que*lit"er*al, a. [Quinque- + literal.] Consisting of five letters.
Raphaelite Raph"a*el*ite, n. One who advocates or adopts the principles of Raphaelism.
Roscoelite Ros"coe*lite, n. [From an English chemist, H.E. Roscoe + -lite.] (Min.) A green micaceous mineral occurring in minute scales. It is essentially a silicate of aluminia and potash containing vanadium.
Roselite Ro"se*lite, n. [From the German mineralogist G. Rose + -lite.] (Min.) A hydrous arsenite of cobalt, occuring in small red crystals, allied to erythrite.
Scheelite Scheel"ite, n. [From C.W. Scheele, a Swedish chemist.] (Min.) Calcium tungstate, a mineral of a white or pale yellowish color and of the tetragonal system of crystallization.

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