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Benthal Ben"thal, a. [Gr. ? the depth of the sea.] Relating to the deepest zone or region of the ocean.
Benthamic Ben*tham"ic, a. Of or pertaining to Bentham or Benthamism.
Benthamism Ben"tham*ism, n. That phase of the doctrine of utilitarianism taught by Jeremy Bentham; the doctrine that the morality of actions is estimated and determined by their utility; also, the theory that the sensibility to pleasure and the recoil from pain are the only motives which influence human desires and actions, and that these are the sufficient explanation of ethical and jural conceptions.
Benthamite Ben"tham*ite, n. One who believes in Benthamism.
Mentha Men"tha, n. [L. See Mint the plant.] (Bot.) A widely distributed genus of fragrant herbs, including the peppermint, spearmint, etc. The plants have small flowers, usually arranged in dense axillary clusters.
Menthol Men"thol, n. [Mentha + -ol.] (Chem.) A white, crystalline, aromatic substance resembling camphor, extracted from oil of peppermint (Mentha); -- called also mint camphor or peppermint camphor.
Mentha aquatica
Water mint Wa"ter mint` A kind of mint (Mentha aquatica) growing in wet places, and sometimes having a perfume resembling bergamot.
Mentha arvensis
Note: Corn mint is Mentha arvensis. Horsemint is M. sylvestris, and in the United States Monarda punctata, which differs from the true mints in several respects. Mountain mint is any species of the related genus Pycnanthemum, common in North America. Peppermint is M. piperita. Spearmint is M. viridis. Water mint is M. aquatica. Mint camphor. (Chem.) See Menthol. Mint julep. See Julep. Mint sauce, a sauce flavored with spearmint, for meats.
Mentha Pulegium
Pennyroyal Pen`ny*roy"al, n. [A corruption of OE. puliall royal. OE. puliall is ultimately derived fr. L. puleium, or pulegium regium (so called as being good against fleas), fr. pulex a flea; and royal is a translation of L. regium, in puleium regium.] (Bot.) An aromatic herb (Mentha Pulegium) of Europe; also, a North American plant (Hedeoma pulegioides) resembling it in flavor. Bastard pennyroyal (Bot.) See Blue curls, under Blue.
Mentha Pulegium
Pudding Pud"ding, n. [Cf. F. boudin black pudding, sausage, L. botulus, botellus, a sausage, G. & Sw. pudding pudding, Dan. podding, pudding, LG. puddig thick, stumpy, W. poten, potten, also E. pod, pout, v.] 1. A species of food of a soft or moderately hard consistence, variously made, but often a compound of flour or meal, with milk and eggs, etc. And solid pudding against empty praise. --Pope. 2. Anything resembling, or of the softness and consistency of, pudding. 3. An intestine; especially, an intestine stuffed with meat, etc.; a sausage. --Shak. 4. Any food or victuals. Eat your pudding, slave, and hold your tongue. --Prior. 5. (Naut.) Same as Puddening. Pudding grass (Bot.), the true pennyroyal (Mentha Pulegium), formerly used to flavor stuffing for roast meat. --Dr. Prior. Pudding pie, a pudding with meat baked in it. --Taylor (1630). Pudding pipe (Bot.), the long, cylindrical pod of the leguminous tree Cassia Fistula. The seeds are separately imbedded in a sweetish pulp. See Cassia. Pudding sleeve, a full sleeve like that of the English clerical gown. --Swift. Pudding stone. (Min.) See Conglomerate, n., 2. Pudding time. (a) The time of dinner, pudding being formerly the dish first eaten. [Obs.] --Johnson. (b) The nick of time; critical time. [Obs.] Mars, that still protects the stout, In pudding time came to his aid. --Hudibras.
Mentha sativa
Yerba Yer"ba, n. [Sp.] (Bot.) An herb; a plant. Note: This word is much used in compound names of plants in Spanish; as, yerba buena [Sp., a good herb], a name applied in Spain to several kinds of mint (Mentha sativa, viridis, etc.), but in California universally applied to a common, sweet-scented labiate plant (Micromeria Douglasii). Yerba dol osa. [Sp., herb of the she-bear.] A kind of buckthorn (Rhamnus Californica). Yerba mansa. [Sp., a mild herb, soft herb.] A plant (Anemopsis Californica) with a pungent, aromatic rootstock, used medicinally by the Mexicans and the Indians. Yerba reuma. [Cf. Sp. reuma rheum, rheumatism.] A low California undershrub (Frankenia grandifolia).
Mentha sylvestris
Horsemint Horse"mint`, n. (Bot.) (a) A coarse American plant of the Mint family (Monarda punctata). (b) In England, the wild mint (Mentha sylvestris).
Mentha viridis
Spearmint Spear"mint`, n. [So named from its spiry, not capitate, inflorescence. --Dr. Prior.] (Bot.) A species of mint (Mentha viridis) growing in moist soil. It vields an aromatic oil. See Mint, and Mentha.

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- Entha Manchivaadavuraa (transl. What a good man he is) is a 2020 Indian Telugu-language action drama film directed by Satish Vegesna. An official remake...
- Thambikku Entha Ooru (transl. Which town are you from, brother?) is a 1984 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Rajashekar and written by Panchu Arunachalam...
- acted notable movies like Moondru Mugam, Malaiyoor Mambattiyan, Thambikku Entha Ooru, T****al Ninnu Pochchu, Thanikattu Raja, [[Guru Sishyan (1988 film)|Guru...
- a critical and commercial success. Ram's next release was the 2020 film Entha Manchivaadavuraa directed by Satish Vegesna of Sathamanam Bhavati fame....
- "Ramayya Rajavutadanta" "Purajanula Sambaramu" - S. P. Balasubrahmanyam "Entha Manchivadivayya" "Andabayani Jantaga" "Budi Budi Adigulu" "Adigadigo Modalayindi"...
- (2019) Mithai (2019) Rajdhooth (2019) Saaho (2019; Hindi, Tamil, Telugu) Entha Manchivaadavuraa (2020) HIT: The First Case (2020) "Vennela Telugu Movie...
- Veetula Raman Veliyila Krishnan (1983) Kuva Kuva Vaathugal (1984) Thambikku Entha Ooru (1984) ****anil Kalyanaraman (1985) Guru Sishyan (1988) En Jeevan Paduthu...
- Kavalai Vendam released on 24 November 2016 while its dubbed Telugu version Entha Varaku Ee Prema released on 7 April 2017 to mixed reviews and did average...
- and others. He later starred in films including Rajinikanth's Thambikku Entha Ooru. The scenes in which he appeared as a ****ut were po****r in the 1980s...
- Baadada Hoovu (Hoova Nodu Aaaha Entha) Bhoolokadalli Yamaraaja (Endoo kaanada belaka kande) Naarada Vijaya (Idu entha lokavayya) The first film he independently...