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Definition of Amato

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Acclamatory Ac*clam"a*to*ry, a. Pertaining to, or expressing approval by, acclamation.
Amalgamator A*mal"ga*ma`tor, n. One who, or that which, amalgamates. Specifically: A machine for separating precious metals from earthy particles by bringing them in contact with a body of mercury with which they form an amalgam.
Amatorial Am`a*to"ri*al, a. [See Amatorious.] Of or pertaining to a lover or to love making; amatory; as, amatorial verses.
Amatorially Am`a*to"ri*al*ly, adv. In an amatorial manner.
Amatorian Am`a*to"ri*an, a. Amatory. [R.] --Johnson.
Amatorious Am`a*to"ri*ous, a. [L. amatorius, fr. amare to love.] Amatory. [Obs.] ``Amatorious poem.' --Milton.
Amatory Am"a*to*ry, a. Pertaining to, producing, or expressing, sexual love; as, amatory potions.
Clamatores Clam`a*to"res, n. pl. [L. clamator, pl. clamatores, a bawler.] (Zo["o]l.) A division of passerine birds in which the vocal muscles are but little developed, so that they lack the power of singing.
Clamatorial Clam`a*to"rial, a. (Zo["o]l.) Like or pertaining to the Clamatores.
Declamator Dec"la*ma`tor, n. [L.] A declaimer. [R.] --Sir T. Elyot.
Defamatory De*fam"a*to*ry, a. Containing defamation; injurious to reputation; calumnious; slanderous; as, defamatory words; defamatory writings.
Desquamative De*squam"a*tive, Desquamatory De*squam"a*to*ry, a. Of, pertaining to, or attended with, desquamation.
Desquamatory De*squam"a*to*ry, n. (Surg.) An instrument formerly used in removing the lamin[ae] of exfoliated bones.
Exclamatory Ex*clam"a*to*ry, a. Containing, expressing, or using exclamation; as, an exclamatory phrase or speaker. --South. -- Ex*clam"a*to*ti*ly, adv.
Exclamatory Ex*clam"a*to*ry, a. Containing, expressing, or using exclamation; as, an exclamatory phrase or speaker. --South. -- Ex*clam"a*to*ti*ly, adv.
Iamatology I*am`a*tol"o*gy, n. [Gr. ?, ?, medicine + -logy.] (Med.) Materia Medica; that branch of therapeutics which treats of remedies.

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- David Paul "Dave" Amato (born March 3, 1953) is an American musician, best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band REO Speedwagon since May 1989...
- Derek Amato (born November 19, 1966) is a composer and pianist who received a head injury on October 27, 2006, and subsequently became a musical savant...
- Amato (Calabrian: Amàtu; Gr****: Amathous) is a comune and town in the province of Catanzaro in the Calabria region of Italy. Amato is one of the oldest...
- Constantine D'Amato (January 17, 1908 – November 4, 1985) was an American boxing manager and trainer who handled the careers of Mike Tyson, Floyd Patterson...
- Bert Amato (21st century), American inventor Chuck Amato (born 1946), American football coach Dave Amato (born 1953), American guitarist Donna Amato (living)...
- Vincenzo Amato (born 30 March 1966) is an Italian actor and sculptor. Born in Palermo, the son of the stage director and folk musician Emma Muzzi Loffredo...
- Giuliano Amato OMRI (Italian pronunciation: [dʒuˈljaːno aˈmaːto]; born 13 May 1938) is an Italian politician who twice served as Prime Minister of Italy...
- Kimberly Amato (born 1976) is an American actress and author. Kimberly Amato held the positions of actress, producer, writer, director and editor for...
- Bald****are Amato (born c.1952) is a Sicilian gangster and a member of the Bonanno Mafia family in New York. At age 18, he emigrated from Castellammare...
- The Amato Opera was an opera company located in the East Village neighborhood of the Manhattan borough of New York City. The company was produced by the...