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Definition of suborders

Suborder Sub*or"der, n. (Nat. Hist.) A division of an order; a group of genera of a little lower rank than an order and of greater importance than a tribe or family; as, cichoraceous plants form a suborder of Composit[ae].

Meaning of suborder from wikipedia

- immediately higher rank, superorder, may be added directly above order, while suborder would be a lower rank. a taxonomic unit, a taxon, in that rank. in that
- scientific cl****ification kingdom: animalia phylum: platyhelminthes cl****: turbellaria order: polycladida suborder: cotylea lang, 1884 families see text
- possibly be included as suborders are the scorpaeniformes, tetraodontiformes, and pleuronectiformes. of the presently recognized suborders, several may be paraphyletic
- diverse suborder of beetles; the name is derived from two gr**** words: poly-, meaning 'many', and phagein, meaning 'to eat', so the suborder is called
- '-ida'; suborders end in '-idea'. superfamilies end in '-oidea', while families end in '-idae'. suborder callipodidea callipodidae suborder schizopetalidea
- spirulida ?family shimanskyidae suborder †groenlandibelina khromov, 1990 family †groenlandibelidae family †adygeyidae suborder †belopterina engeser, 1998
- chitonina is a suborder of polyplacophoran mollusc. the suborder includes both living and extinct species. van belle, r. a. (1981). catalogue of fossil
- species are the terrestrial woodlice that form the suborder oniscidea. in the deep sea, members of the suborder asellota predominate, to the near exclusion of