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At unity
At unity, at one. Unity of type. (Biol.) See under Type. Syn: Union; oneness; junction; concord; harmony. See Union.
Discommunity Dis`com*mu"ni*ty, n. A lack of common possessions, properties, or relationship. Community of embryonic structure reveals community of descent; but dissimilarity of embryonic development does not prove discommunity of descent. --Darwin.
Disunity Dis*u"ni*ty, n. A state of separation or disunion; want of unity. --Dr. H. More.
Immunity Im*mun"i*ty, n. The state of being insusceptible to poison, the contagion of disease, etc.
Inopportunity In*op`por*tu"ni*ty, n. Want of opportunity; unseasonableness; inconvenience. [R.]
Intercommunity In`ter*com*mu"ni*ty, n. Intercommunication; community of possessions, religion, etc. In consequence of that intercommunity of paganism . . . one nation adopted the gods of another. --Bp. Warburton.
Jejunity Je*ju"ni*ty, n. The quality of being jejune; jejuneness.
Munity Mu"ni*ty, n. [See Immunity.] Freedom; security; immunity. [Obs.] --W. Montagu.
Triniunity Trin`i*u"ni*ty, n. [See Trinity, and Unity.] Triunity; trinity. [Obs.] As for terms of trinity, triniunity, . . . and the like, they reject them as scholastic notions. --Milton.
Triunity Tri*u"ni*ty, n. The quality or state of being triune; trinity. --Dr. H. More.
Unity of type
1 American 9 Bourgeois [bar] [bar] 11/2 German [bar] 2 Saxon 10 Long Primer [bar] [bar] 21/2 Norse [bar] 3 Brilliant 11 Small Pica [bar] [bar] 31/2 Ruby 12 Pica [bar] [bar] 4 Excelsior [bar] 41/2 Diamond 14 English [bar] [bar] 5 Pearl 16 Columbian [bar] [bar] 51/2 Agate [bar] 6 Nonpareil 18 Great Primer [bar] [bar] 7 Minion [bar] 8 Brevier 20 Paragon [bar] [bar] Diagram of the "points" by which sizes of Type are graduated in the "Point System". Type founder, one who casts or manufacture type. Type foundry, Type foundery, a place for the manufacture of type. Type metal, an alloy used in making type, stereotype plates, etc., and in backing up electrotype plates. It consists essentially of lead and antimony, often with a little tin, nickel, or copper. Type wheel, a wheel having raised letters or characters on its periphery, and used in typewriters, printing telegraphs, etc. Unity of type (Biol.), that fundamental agreement in structure which is seen in organic beings of the same class, and is quite independent of their habits of life. --Darwin.
Unity of type
At unity, at one. Unity of type. (Biol.) See under Type. Syn: Union; oneness; junction; concord; harmony. See Union.

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