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Astrophysical As`tro*phys"ic*al, a. Pertaining to the physics of astronomical science.
Astrophysics As`tro*phys"ics, n. [Astro- + physics.] (Astron.) The science treating of the physical characteristics of the stars and other heavenly bodies, their chemical constitution, light, heat, atmospheres, etc. Note: Its observations are made with the spectroscope, bolometer, etc., usually in connection with the telescope.
Astrophyton As*troph"y*ton, n. [Astro- + Gr. fyton a plant.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of ophiurans having the arms much branched.
Atrophy At"ro*phy, v. t. [p. p. Atrophied.] To cause to waste away or become abortive; to starve or weaken.
Atrophy At"ro*phy, v. i. To waste away; to dwindle.
Eutrophy Eu"tro*phy, n. [Gr. ?, fr. ? nourishing, healthy; ? well + ? to nourish.] (Med.) Healthy nutrition; soundless as regards the nutritive functions.
Exstrophy Ex"stro*phy, n. [Gr. ? to turn inside out; ? = ? out + ? to turn.] (Med.) The eversion or turning out of any organ, or of its inner surface; as, exstrophy of the eyelid or of the bladder.
Hypertrophy Hy*per"tro*phy, n. [Gr. "ype`r over, beyond + ? nourishment, fr. ? to nourish: cf. F. hypertrophie.] (Med. & Biol.) A condition of overgrowth or excessive development of an organ or part; -- the opposite of atrophy.
Orphanotrophy Or`phan*ot"ro*phy, n. [L. orphanotrophium, Gr. ?; ? an orphan + ? to feed, bring up.] 1. A hospital for orphans. [R.] --A. Chalmers. 2. The act of supporting orphans. [R.]
Progressive muscular atrophy
Progressive Pro*gress"ive, a. [Cf. F. progressif.] 1. Moving forward; proceeding onward; advancing; evincing progress; increasing; as, progressive motion or course; -- opposed to retrograde. 2. Improving; as, art is in a progressive state. Progressive euchre or whist, a way of playing at card parties, by which after every game, the losers at the first table go to the last table, and the winners at all the tables, except the first, move up to the next table. Progressive muscular atrophy (Med.), a nervous disorder characterized by continuous atrophy of the muscles. -- Pro*gress"ive*ly, adv. -- Pro*gress"ive*ness, n.
Trophy money
Trophy money, a duty paid formerly in England, annually, by housekeepers, toward providing harness, drums, colors, and the like, for the militia.

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- A trophy is a tangible, durable reminder of a specific achievement, and serves as recognition or evidence of merit. Trophies are often awarded for sporting...
- The winning team of the series receives the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. The home-and-away format in the NBA Finals is in a 2–2–1–1–1 format (the...
- Trophy (also known as ASPRO-A, Israel Defense Forces designation מעיל רוח, lit. "Windbreaker") is a military active protection system (APS) for vehicles...
- Trophy wife is an informal term for a wife, usually young and attractive, who is regarded as a status symbol for the husband, who is often older or unattractive...
- Championships and eighth at an ISU Challenger Series event, the 2014 CS Nebelhorn Trophy. They finished fifth at their last event together, the International Cup...
- World Junior bronze medalist with Isabelle Coulombe and the 2000 Nebelhorn Trophy champion with Valérie Marcoux. Bruno Marcotte was born October 10, 1974...
- The ICC Champions Trophy is a one day international (ODI) cricket tournament organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC), second in importance...
- The Santosh Trophy is an ****ociation football knock-out competition contested by the regional state ****ociations and government institutions under the...
- international debut at the 2011 Coupe de Nice and placed fourth at the 2011 NRW Trophy. In December 2011, they won the 2012 French national title ahead of Vanessa...
- Lombardi Trophy is the trophy awarded each year to the winning team of the National Football League's championship game, the Super Bowl. The trophy is named...