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Definition of Stoasodon narinari

Stoasodon narinari
Ray Ray, n. [F. raie, L. raia. Cf. Roach.] (Zo["o]l.) (a) Any one of numerous elasmobranch fishes of the order Rai[ae], including the skates, torpedoes, sawfishes, etc. (b) In a restricted sense, any of the broad, flat, narrow-tailed species, as the skates and sting rays. See Skate. Bishop ray, a yellow-spotted, long-tailed eagle ray (Stoasodon n[`a]rinari) of the Southern United States and the West Indies. Butterfly ray, a short-tailed American sting ray (Pteroplatea Maclura), having very broad pectoral fins. Devil ray. See Sea Devil. Eagle ray, any large ray of the family Myliobatid[ae], or [AE]tobatid[ae]. The common European species (Myliobatis aquila) is called also whip ray, and miller. Electric ray, or Cramp ray, a torpedo. Starry ray, a common European skate (Raia radiata). Sting ray, any one of numerous species of rays of the family Trygonid[ae] having one or more large, sharp, barbed dorsal spines on the whiplike tail. Called also stingaree.

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- during a trip he made to the Antilles, and was later classified as Stoasodon narinari. Its current genus name is Aetobatus, derived from the Gr**** words...