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Assistance As*sist"ance, n. [Cf. F. assistance.] 1. The act of assisting; help; aid; furtherance; succor; support. Without the assistance of a mortal hand. --Shak. 2. An assistant or helper; a body of helpers. [Obs.] Wat Tyler [was] killed by valiant Walworth, the lord mayor of London, and his assistance, . . . John Cavendish. --Fuller. 3. Persons present. [Obs. or a Gallicism]
Assistant As*sist"ant, a. [Cf. F. assistant, p. pr. of assister.] 1. Helping; lending aid or support; auxiliary. Genius and learning . . . are mutually and greatly assistant to each other. --Beattie. 2. (Mil.) Of the second grade in the staff of the army; as, an assistant surgeon. [U.S.] Note: In the English army it designates the third grade in any particular branch of the staff. --Farrow.
Assistant As*sist"ant, n. 1. One who, or that which, assists; a helper; an auxiliary; a means of help. Four assistants who his labor share. --Pope. Rhymes merely as assistants to memory. --Mrs. Chapone. 2. An attendant; one who is present. --Dryden.
Assistantly As*sist"ant*ly, adv. In a manner to give aid. [R.]
Desistance De*sist"ance, n. [Cf. F. desistance.] The act or state of desisting; cessation. [R.] --Boyle. If fatigue of body or brain were in every case followed by desistance . . . then would the system be but seldom out of working order. --H. Spencer.
Irresistance Ir`re*sist"ance, n. Nonresistance; passive submission.
Nonresistance Non`re*sist"ance, n. The principles or practice of a nonresistant; passive obedience; submission to authority, power, oppression, or violence without opposition.
Nonresistant Non`re*sist"ant, a. Making no resistance.
Nonresistant Non`re*sist"ant, n. One who maintains that no resistance should be made to constituted authority, even when unjustly or oppressively exercised; one who advocates or practices absolute submission; also, one who holds that violence should never be resisted by force.
Resistance frame
Resistance frame Re*sist"ance frame` (Elec.) A rheostat consisting of an open frame on which are stretched spirals of wire. Being freely exposed to the air, they radiate heat rapidly.
Skin resistance
Skin Skin, n. [Icel. skinn; akin to Sw. skinn, Dan. skind, AS. scinn, G. schined to skin.] 1. (Anat.) The external membranous integument of an animal. Note: In man, and the vertebrates generally, the skin consist of two layers, an outer nonsensitive and nonvascular epidermis, cuticle, or skarfskin, composed of cells which are constantly growing and multiplying in the deeper, and being thrown off in the superficial, layers; and an inner sensitive, and vascular dermis, cutis, corium, or true skin, composed mostly of connective tissue. 2. The hide of an animal, separated from the body, whether green, dry, or tanned; especially, that of a small animal, as a calf, sheep, or goat. 3. A vessel made of skin, used for holding liquids. See Bottle, 1. ``Skins of wine.' --Tennyson. 4. The bark or husk of a plant or fruit; the exterior coat of fruits and plants. 5. (Naut.) (a) That part of a sail, when furled, which remains on the outside and covers the whole. --Totten. (b) The covering, as of planking or iron plates, outside the framing, forming the sides and bottom of a vessel; the shell; also, a lining inside the framing. Skin friction, Skin resistance (Naut.), the friction, or resistance, caused by the tendency of water to adhere to the immersed surface (skin) of a vessel. Skin graft (Surg.), a small portion of skin used in the process of grafting. See Graft, v. t., 2. Skin moth (Zo["o]l.), any insect which destroys the prepared skins of animals, especially the larva of Dermestes and Anthrenus. Skin of the teeth, nothing, or next to nothing; the least possible hold or advantage. --Job xix. 20. Skin wool, wool taken from dead sheep.
Unresistance Un`re*sist"ance, n. Nonresistance; passive submission; irresistance. --Bp. Hall.

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- Sista leken (Finnish: Viimeinen kesä) is a 1984 Finnish-Swedish drama film directed by Jon Lindström. Sven Wollter won the award for Best Actor at the...