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Actinophone Ac*tin"o*phone, n. [Gr. ?, ?, ray + ? voice.] (Physics) An apparatus for the production of sound by the action of the actinic, or ultraviolet, rays.
Aerophone A"["e]r*o*phone`, n. [A["e]ro- + Gr. ? voice.] (a) A form of combined speaking and ear trumpet. (b) An instrument, proposed by Edison, for greatly intensifying speech. It consists of a phonograph diaphragm so arranged that its action opens and closes valves, producing synchronous air blasts sufficient to operate a larger diaphragm with greater amplitude of vibration.
Antiphone An"ti*phone, n. (Mus.) The response which one side of the choir makes to the other in a chant; alternate chanting or signing.
Antiphoner An*tiph"o*ner, n. [F. antiphonaire. See Antiphon.] A book of antiphons. --Chaucer.
Audiphone Au"di*phone, n. [L. audire to hear + Gr. ? sound.] An instrument which, placed against the teeth, conveys sound to the auditory nerve and enables the deaf to hear more or less distinctly; a dentiphone.
Auxetophone Aux*e"to*phone, n. [Gr. ? that may be increased + ? sound, voice.] A pneumatic reproducer for a phonograph, controlled by the recording stylus on the principle of the relay. It produces much clearer and louder tones than does the ordinary vibrating disk reproducer.
Biophotophone Bi`o*pho"to*phone, n. [Gr. bi`os life + photo + fwnh` sound, voice.] An instrument combining a cinematograph and a phonograph so that the moving figures on the screen are accompanied by the appropriate sounds.
Dentiphone Den"ti*phone, n. [L. dens, dentis, tooth + Gr. ? sound.] An instrument which, placed against the teeth, conveys sound to the auditory nerve; an audiphone. --Knight.
Dictaphone Dic"ta*phone, n. [Dictate + -phone, as in telephone.] A form of phonographic recorder and reproducer adapted for use in dictation, as in business.
Ecphonema Ec`pho*ne"ma, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ? a thing called out, fr. ? to cry out; ? out + ? voice.] (Rhet.) A breaking out with some interjectional particle.
Ecphoneme Ec"pho*neme, n. [See Ecphonema.] A mark (!) used to indicate an exclamation. --G. Brown.
Ecphonesis Ec`pho*ne"sis, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ?. See Ecphonema.] (Rhet.) An animated or passionate exclamation. The feelings by the ecphonesis are very various. --Gibbs.
Electrophone E*lec"tro*phone, n. [Electro- + Gr. ? sound.] (Physics) An instrument for producing sound by means of electric currents.
Epiphoneme E*piph"o*neme, n. Epiphonema. [R.]
Gramophone Gram"o*phone, n. [Gr. ? a thing drawn or written (fr. ? write) + -phone, as in telephone.] An instrument for recording, preserving, and reproducing sounds, the record being a tracing of a phonautograph etched in some solid material. Reproduction is accomplished by means of a system attached to an elastic diaphragm.
Graphophone Graph"o*phone, n. [Gr. ? to write + -phone, as in telephone.] A kind of photograph.
Homophone Hom"o*phone, n. [Cf. F. homophone. See Homophonous.] 1. A letter or character which expresses a like sound with another. --Gliddon. 2. A word having the same sound as another, but differing from it in meaning and usually in spelling; as, all and awl; bare and bear; rite, write, right, and wright.
Kaleidophon Ka*lei"do*phon, Kaleidophone Ka*lei"do*phone, [Gr. ? beautiful + ? appearance, form + ? sound.] (Physics.) An instrument invented by Professor Wheatstone, consisting of a reflecting knob at the end of a vibrating rod or thin plate, for making visible, in the motion of a point of light reflected from the knob, the paths or curves corresponding with the musical notes produced by the vibrations.
Kinetophone Ki*ne"to*phone, n. [See Kinetic, Phone.] A machine combining a kinetoscope and a phonograph synchronized so as to reproduce a scene and its accompanying sounds.
Megaphone Meg"a*phone, n. [Mega- + Gr. ? voice.] A device to magnify sound, or direct it in a given direction in a greater volume, as a very large funnel used as an ear trumpet or as a speaking trumpet.
Metallophone Me*tal"lo*phone, n. [L. metallum metal + Gr. ? sound.] (Music) (a) An instrument like a pianoforte, but having metal bars instead of strings. (b) An instrument like the xylophone, but having metallic instead of wooden bars.
Microphone Mi"cro*phone, n. [Micro- + Gr. ? sound, voice: cf. F. microphone.] (Physics) An instrument for intensifying and making audible very feeble sounds. It produces its effects by the changes of intensity in an electric current, occasioned by the variations in the contact resistance of conducting bodies, especially of imperfect conductors, under the action of acoustic vibrations.
Osteophone Os"te*o*phone, n. [Gr. ? bone + ? voice.] An instrument for transmission of auditory vibrations through the bones of the head, so as to be appreciated as sounds by persons deaf from causes other than those affecting the nervous apparatus of hearing.
Phoneidoscope Pho*nei"do*scope, n. [Phono- + Gr. ? form + -scope.] (Physics) An instrument for studying the motions of sounding bodies by optical means. It consists of a tube across the end of which is stretched a film of soap solution thin enough to give colored bands, the form and position of which are affected by sonorous vibrations.
Phonetically Pho*net"ic*al*ly, adv. In a phonetic manner.
Phonetician Pho`ne*ti"cian, n. One versed in phonetics; a phonetist.
Phonetics Pho*net"ics, n. 1. The doctrine or science of sounds; especially those of the human voice; phonology. 2. The art of representing vocal sounds by signs and written characters.
Phonetism Pho"ne*tism, n. The science which treats of vocal sounds. --J. Peile.
Phonetist Pho"ne*tist, n. 1. One versed in phonetics; a phonologist. 2. One who advocates a phonetic spelling.
Phonetization Pho`ne*ti*za"tion, n. The act, art, or process of representing sounds by phonetic signs.

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