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Comminatory Com*min"a*to"ry, a. [Cf. F. comminatoire.] Threatening or denouncing punishment; as, comminatory terms. --B. Jonson.
Criminatory Crim"i*na*to*ry (-t?-r?), a. Relating to, or involving, crimination; accusing; as, a criminatory conscience.
Degerminator De*ger"mi*na`tor, n. (Milling) A machine for breaking open the kernels of wheat or other grain and removing the germs.
Determinator De*ter"mi*na`tor, n. [L.] One who determines. [R.] --Sir T. Browne.
Discriminator Dis*crim"i*na`tor, n. [LL.] One who discriminates.
Discriminatory Dis*crim"i*na*to*ry, a. Discriminative.
Disseminator Dis*sem"i*na`tor, n. [L.] One who, or that which, disseminates, spreads, or propagates; as, disseminators of disease.
Dominator Dom"i*na`tor, n. [L.] A ruler or ruling power. ``Sole dominator of Navarre.' --Shak. Jupiter and Mars are dominators for this northwest part of the world. --Camden.
Examinator Ex*am"i*na`tor, n. [L.: cf. F. examinateur.] An examiner. [R.] --Sir T. Browne.
Exterminator Ex*ter"mi*na`tor, n. [L.] One who, or that which, exterminates. --Buckle.
Exterminatory Ex*ter"mi*na*to*ry, a. Of or pertaining to extermination; tending to exterminate. ``Exterminatory war.' --Burke.
Fulminatory Ful"mi*na*to*ry, a. [Cf. F. fulminatoire.] Thundering; striking terror. --Cotgrave.
Illuminator Il*lu"mi*na`tor, n. [L., an enlightener, LL. also, an illuminator of books.] 1. One whose occupation is to adorn books, especially manuscripts, with miniatures, borders, etc. See Illuminate, v. t., 3. 2. A condenser or reflector of light in optical apparatus; also, an illuminant.
Incriminatory In*crim"i*na*to*ry, a. Of or pertaining to crimination; tending to incriminate; criminatory.
Minatorially Min`a*to"ri*al*ly, Minatorily Min"a*to*ri*ly, adv. In a minatory manner; with threats.
Minatorially Min`a*to"ri*al*ly, Minatorily Min"a*to*ri*ly, adv. In a minatory manner; with threats.
Minatory Min"a*to*ry, a. [L. minatorius, fr. minari to threaten. See Menace.] Threatening; menacing. --Bacon.
Nominator Nom"i*na`tor, n. [L.] One who nominates.
Recriminator Re*crim"i*na`tor (-n?`t?r), n. One who recriminates.
Ruminator Ru"mi*na`tor, n. [L.] One who ruminates or muses; a meditator.
Terminator Ter"mi*na`tor, n. [L., he who limits or sets bounds.] 1. One who, or that which, terminates. 2. (Astron.) The dividing line between the illuminated and the unilluminated part of the moon.
Terminatory Ter"mi*na*to*ry, a. Terminative.

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- Minato (港 or 湊) is ****anese for 'harbor', and may refer to: Minato, Tokyo or Minato City, a special ward in Tokyo, ****an Minato-ku, Nagoya, a ward of...
- Minato (港区, Minato-ku) is a special ward in Tokyo, ****an. It is also called Minato City in English. It was formed in 1947 as a merger of Akasaka, Azabu...
- mysterious man at an archery range in a forest inspires Minato to take up archery once more. Minato joins the Kazemai High School Kyūdō Club and along with...
- Minato Ward may refer to Minato, Tokyo Minato, Nagoya Minato, Osaka This disambiguation page lists articles about distinct geographical locations with...
- Minato Soft (みなとそふと) is a ****anese visual novel studio under Hawk Eye. Takahiro, who is a director and a scriptwriter of Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo! and Tsuyokiss...
- releases Minato's soul and reanimates him. Minato and the other Hokage decide to fight alongside Sasuke on the battlefield and defeat Madara Uchiha. Minato reveals...
- mainly perpetrated by four teenage boys, Hiroshi Miyano, Jō Ogura, Shinji Minato, and Yasushi Watanabe, over a period of 40 days from November 1988 to January...
- cast of characters created by Sakurako Gokurakuin. The story centers on Minato Sahashi, a rōnin (high school graduate trying to get into college), who...
- Roppongi (六本木) is a district of Minato, Tokyo, ****an, famous for the affluent Roppongi Hills development area and po****r night club scene. A few foreign...
- Kanae Minato (湊かなえ, Minato Kanae, born 1973) is a ****anese writer of crime fiction and thrillers. She is a member of the Mystery Writers of ****an and the...