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Analogue An"a*logue (?; 115), n. [F. ?, fr. Gr. ?.] 1. That which is analogous to, or corresponds with, some other thing. The vexatious tyranny of the individual despot meets its analogue in the insolent tyranny of the many. --I. Taylor. 2. (Philol.) A word in one language corresponding with one in another; an analogous term; as, the Latin ``pater' is the analogue of the English ``father.' 3. (Nat. Hist.) (a) An organ which is equivalent in its functions to a different organ in another species or group, or even in the same group; as, the gill of a fish is the analogue of a lung in a quadruped, although the two are not of like structural relations. (b) A species in one genus or group having its characters parallel, one by one, with those of another group. (c) A species or genus in one country closely related to a species of the same genus, or a genus of the same group, in another: such species are often called representative species, and such genera, representative genera. --Dana.
Catalogue Cat"a*logue, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Catalogued; p. pr. & vb. n. Cataloguing.] To make a list or catalogue; to insert in a catalogue.
Catalogue Cat"a*logue, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Catalogued; p. pr. & vb. n. Cataloguing.] To make a list or catalogue; to insert in a catalogue.
Cataloguer Cat"a*log`uer, n. A maker of catalogues; esp. one skilled in the making of catalogues.
Collogue Col*logue", v. i. [Cf. L. colloqui and E. dialogue. Cf. Collocution.] To talk or confer secretly and confidentially; to converse, especially with evil intentions; to plot mischief. [Archaic or Colloq.] Pray go in; and, sister, salve the matter, Collogue with her again, and all shall be well. --Greene. He had been colloguing with my wife. --Thackeray.
Dialogue Di"a*logue (?; 115), n. [OE. dialogue, L. dialogus, fr. Gr. ?, fr. ? to converse, dia` through + ? to speak: cf. F. dialogue. See Legend.] 1. A conversation between two or more persons; particularly, a formal conservation in theatrical performances or in scholastic exercises. 2. A written composition in which two or more persons are represented as conversing or reasoning on some topic; as, the Dialogues of Plato.
Dialogue Di"a*logue, v. i. [Cf. F. dialoguer.] To take part in a dialogue; to dialogize. [R.] --Shak.
Dialogue Di"a*logue, v. t. To express as in dialogue. [R.] And dialogued for him what he would say. --Shak.
Euchologue Eu"cho*logue, n. [F. euchologe.] Euchology. [R.]
Grammalogue Gram"ma*logue, n. [Gr. gra`mma letter + lo`gos word. Cf. Logogram.] (Phonography) Literally, a letter word; a word represented by a logogram; as, it, represented by |, that is, t. pitman.
Homologue Hom"o*logue, n. [Cf. F. homologue. See Homologous.] That which is homologous to something else; as, the corresponding sides, etc., of similar polygons are the homologues of each other; the members or terms of an homologous series in chemistry are the homologues of each other; one of the bones in the hand of man is the homologue of that in the paddle of a whale.
Monologue Mon"o*logue, n. [F. monologue, Gr. ? speaking alone; mo`nos alone, single, sole + ? speech, discourse, ? to speak. See Legend.] 1. A speech uttered by a person alone; soliloquy; also, talk or discourse in company, in the strain of a soliloquy; as, an account in monologue. --Dryden. 2. A dramatic composition for a single performer.
Monopolylogue Mon`o*pol"y*logue, n. [Mono- + Gr. poly`s many + lo`gos speech.] An exhibition in which an actor sustains many characters.
Myriologue Myr"i*o*logue, n. [F. myriologue, myriologie, NGr. ?, ?, fr. Gr. ? the goddess of fate or death + ? speech, discourse.] An extemporaneous funeral song, composed and sung by a woman on the death of a friend. [Modern Greece]
Mythologue Myth"o*logue, n. [See Mythology.] A fabulous narrative; a myth. [R.] May we not . . . consider his history of the fall as an excellent mythologue, to account for the origin of human evil? --Geddes.
Philologue Phil"o*logue, n. [Cf. F. philologue.] A philologist. [R.] --Carlyle.
Prologue Pro"logue, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Prologued; p. pr. & vb. n. Prologuing.] To introduce with a formal preface, or prologue. [R.] --Shak.
Prologue Pro"logue, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Prologued; p. pr. & vb. n. Prologuing.] To introduce with a formal preface, or prologue. [R.] --Shak.
Psychologue Psy"cho*logue, n. A psychologist.
Sinologue Sin"o*logue, n. [From L. Sinae, an Oriental people mentioned by Ptolemy, or Ar. Sin China or the Chinese + Gr. ??? discourse; formed like theologue: cf. F. sinologue.] A student of Chinese; one versed in the Chinese language, literature, and history.
Theologue The"o*logue, n. [Cf. L. theologus, Gr. ?, and E. philologue.] 1. A theologian. --Dryden. Ye gentle theologues of calmer kind. --Young. He [Jerome] was the theologue -- and the word is designation enough. --I. Taylor. 2. A student in a theological seminary. [Written also theolog.] [Colloq. U. S.]
Trialogue Tri"a*logue, n. [LL. trialogus; tri- (see Tri-) + -logus as, in L. dialogus, E. dialogue.] A discourse or colloquy by three persons.

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