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Antecedaneous An`te*ce*da"ne*ous, a. [See Antecede.] Antecedent; preceding in time. ``Capable of antecedaneous proof.' --Barrow.
Antecede An`te*cede", v. t. & i. [L. antecedere; ante + cedere to go. See Cede.] To go before in time or place; to precede; to surpass. --Sir M. Hale.
Antecedence An`te*ced"ence, n. 1. The act or state of going before in time; precedence. --H. Spenser. 2. (Astron.) An apparent motion of a planet toward the west; retrogradation.
Antecedency An`te*ced"en*cy, n. The state or condition of being antecedent; priority. --Fothherby.
Antecedently An`te*ced"ent*ly, adv. Previously; before in time; at a time preceding; as, antecedently to conversion. --Barrow.
Antechamber An"te*cham`ber, n. [Cf. F. antichambre.] 1. A chamber or apartment before the chief apartment and leading into it, in which persons wait for audience; an outer chamber. See Lobby. 2. A space viewed as the outer chamber or the entrance to an interior part. The mouth, the antechamber to the digestive canal. --Todd & Bowman.
Antechapel An"te*chap`el, n. The outer part of the west end of a collegiate or other chapel. --Shipley.
Antechoir An"te*choir`, n. (Arch.) (a) A space inclosed or reserved at the entrance to the choir, for the clergy and choristers. (b) Where a choir is divided, as in some Spanish churches, that division of it which is the farther from the sanctuary.
Antecians An*te"cians, n. pl. See Ant[oe]cians.
Antecommunion An`te*com*mun"ion, n. A name given to that part of the Anglican liturgy for the communion, which precedes the consecration of the elements.
Antecursor An`te*cur"sor, n. [L., fr. antecurrere to run before; ante + currere to run.] A forerunner; a precursor. [Obs.]
Pantechnicon Pan*tech"ni*con, n. [NL. See Pan-, and Technic.] A depository or place where all sorts of manufactured articles are collected for sale.

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- Antec, Inc. is an American-based maker of personal computer (PC) components and consumer tech products. Antec's prin****l products are computer cases...
- Antec International was formerly one of the world's largest biosecurity companies, specialising in production of disinfectants and cleansing agents. It...
- List of computer case manufacturers: AMAX Information Technologies Antec AOpen APEVIA ASRock Be quiet! Ch****is Plans Cooler Master Corsair Components...
- Ultra Powerhouse PC by EndPCNoise". SPCR. Retrieved 2008-10-10. Antec P180, SPCR. Antec P150, SPCR. Chin, Michael ‘Mike’ (2003-03-12). "Cases: Basics &...
- styrofoam, acrylic, or wood. Prominent after-market case manufacturers include Antec, BitFenix, Cooler Master, Corsair, Fractal Design, In Win Development, Lian...
- Cooler Master Archived 2012-09-22 at the Wayback Machine "Welcome to Antec". Retrieved 9 April 2018. Corsair Community: LAN Parties Archived...
- the enthusiast market with other computer case manufacturers including Antec, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, Lian Li and Zalman. Silverstone's product range...
- the country's retailer of American manufacturer of computer components, Antec. Despite the aggressiveness of their competitors, Octagon Computer Superstore...
- effective against spores and fungi than some alternative disinfectants. Antec International (2003). Virkon Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (EPA Label). "Archived...
- form – both of which are counterproductive to effective heat transfer. SPE/ANTEC 1999 Proceedings edited by SPE Staff pp. 163–164 Chemical reactor modeling:...