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Amoret Am"o*ret, n. [OF. amorette, F. amourette, dim. of amour.] 1. An amorous girl or woman; a wanton. [Obs.] --J. Warton. 2. A love knot, love token, or love song. (pl.) Love glances or love tricks. [Obs.] 3. A petty love affair or amour. [Obs.]
Amorette Am"o*rette", n. An amoret. [Obs.] --Rom. of R.
Clamor Clam"or, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Clamored; p. pr. & vb. n. Clamoring.] 1. To salute loudly. [R.] The people with a shout Rifted the air, clamoring their god with praise. --Milton . 2. To stun with noise. [R.] --Bacon. 3. To utter loudly or repeatedly; to shout. Clamored their piteous prayer incessantly. --Longfellow. To clamor bells, to repeat the strokes quickly so as to produce a loud clang. --Bp. Warbur?ion.
Clamorer Clam"or*er, n. One who clamors.
Enamor En*am"or, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Enamored; p. pr. & vb. n. Enamoring.] [OF. enamourer, enamorer; pref. en- (L. in) + OF. & F. amour love, L. amor. See Amour, and cf. Inamorato.] To inflame with love; to charm; to captivate; -- with of, or with, before the person or thing; as, to be enamored with a lady; to be enamored of books or science. [Written also enamour.] Passionately enamored of this shadow of a dream. --W. Irving.
Hackamore Hack"a*more, n. [Cf. Sp. jaquima headstall of a halter.] A halter consisting of a long leather or rope strap and headstall, -- used for leading or tieing a pack animal. [Western U.S.]
Hockamore Hock"a*more, n. [See 1st Hock.] A Rhenish wine. [Obs.] See Hock. --Hudibras.
Mattamore Mat"ta*more`, n. [F. matamore, from Ar. matm?ra.] A subterranean repository for wheat.
Sagamore Sag"a*more, n. 1. [Cf. Sachem.] The head of a tribe among the American Indians; a chief; -- generally used as synonymous with sachem, but some writters distinguished between them, making the sachem a chief of the first rank, and a sagamore one of the second rank. ``Be it sagamore, sachem, or powwow.' --Longfellow. 2. A juice used in medicine. [Obs.] --Johnson.
Sicamore Sic"a*more, n. (Bot.) See Sycamore.
Plane Plane, n. [F., fr. L. platanus, Gr. ?, fr. ? broad; -- so called on account of its broad leaves and spreading form. See Place, and cf. Platane, Plantain the tree.] (Bot.) Any tree of the genus Platanus. Note: The Oriental plane (Platanus orientalis) is a native of Asia. It rises with a straight, smooth, branching stem to a great height, with palmated leaves, and long pendulous peduncles, sustaining several heads of small close-sitting flowers. The seeds are downy, and collected into round, rough, hard balls. The Occidental plane (Platanus occidentalis), which grows to a great height, is a native of North America, where it is popularly called sycamore, buttonwood, and buttonball, names also applied to the California species (Platanus racemosa).
Sycamore Syc"a*more, n. [L. sycomorus, Gr. ? the fig mulberry; ? a fig + ? the black mulberry; or perhaps of Semitic origin: cf. F. sycomore. Cf. Mulberry.] (Bot.) (a) A large tree (Ficus Sycomorus) allied to the common fig. It is found in Egypt and Syria, and is the sycamore, or sycamine, of Scripture. (b) The American plane tree, or buttonwood. (c) A large European species of maple (Acer Pseudo-Platanus). [Written sometimes sycomore.]
Buttonwood But"ton*wood`, n. (Bot.) The Platanus occidentalis, or American plane tree, a large tree, producing rough balls, from which it is named; -- called also buttonball tree, and, in some parts of the United States, sycamore. The California buttonwood is P. racemosa.
Whiggamore Whig"ga*more, n. [See Whig.] A Whig; -- a cant term applied in contempt to Scotch Presbyterians. [Scot.] --Sir W. Scott.

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- Amore is the Italian word for "love". It may also refer to: Alexis Amore, **** actress Eugenio Amore, Italian beach volleyball player Gianna Amore...
- Alexis Amore (born Fabiola Melgar García; 29 December 1978) is a Peruvian **** actress and feature dancer. Amore was born in Lima, Peru. Her first...
- "That's Amore" is a 1953 song by composer Harry Warren and lyricist Jack Brooks. It became a major hit and signature song for Dean Martin in 1953. Amore...
- known for his tenure with WWE, where he performed under the ring name Enzo Amore. In WWE, he came to prominence for his partnership with Big C****, whom he...
- Dolce Amore (English: Sweet Love) is a 2016 Philippine romantic drama television series directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, Cathy Garcia-Molina and Richard Arellano...
- Touché Amoré is an American post-hardcore band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2007. The band consists of vocalist Jeremy Bolm, guitarists Clayton...
- Amore mio (Italian "my love") may refer to: Amore Mio (Thalía album), 2014 "Amore Mio", song by Thalía from Amore Mio, 2015 "Amore Mio", song by Andreas...
- Caroline D'Amore (born June 9, 1984) is an American businesswoman, DJ, actress, and fashion model. She is the founder and CEO of Pizza Girl, Inc. She...
- "Grande amore" (pronounced [ˈɡrande aˈmoːre]; English: Great love) is a song performed by Italian operatic pop trio Il Volo, and written by Francesco...
- Colin C****ady. In WWE, he came to prominence for his partnership with Enzo Amore, whom he teamed with from 2013 to 2017. Together, they won the NXT Year-End...