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Definition of summoner

Summoner Sum"mon*er, n. [OE. somner, sompnour, OF. semoneor, F. semonneur. See Summon, v. t.] One who summons; one who cites by authority; specifically, a petty officer formerly employed to summon persons to appear in court; an apparitor.
Beadle Bea"dle, n. [OE. bedel, bidel, budel, OF. bedel, F. bedeau, fr. OHG. butil, putil, G. b["u]ttel, fr. OHG. biotan, G. bieten, to bid, confused with AS. bydel, the same word as OHG. butil. See. Bid, v.] 1. A messenger or crier of a court; a servitor; one who cites or bids persons to appear and answer; -- called also an apparitor or summoner. 2. An officer in a university, who precedes public processions of officers and students. [Eng.] Note: In this sense the archaic spellings bedel (Oxford) and bedell (Cambridge) are preserved. 3. An inferior parish officer in England having a variety of duties, as the preservation of order in church service, the chastisement of petty offenders, etc.

Meaning of summoner from wikipedia

- for the ps2 role-playing game, see summoner (video game). a summoner was an officer of an ecclesiastical court, usually that of a bishop or an archdeacon
- monster kingdom: jewel summoner is a turn-based role-playing video game developed by gaia and published by sony computer entertainment and atlus for the
- bankruptcy of thq in december 2012, the summoner franchise was acquired by nordic games, who have since published summoner on on february 25, 2014 and
- summoner, sometimes called a fetch is a position in many traditional wiccan covens. the primary, or at least most evident, function of the summoner is
- shin megami tensei: devil summoner (****anese: 真・女神転生 デビルサマナー, hepburn: shin megami tensei debiru samanā?) is a role-playing video game developed and published
- shin megami tensei: devil summoner 2: raidou kuzunoha vs. king abaddon, known in ****an as devil summoner: raidou kuzunoha vs. king abaddon (****anese: デビルサマナー
- midas interactive entertainment is a european publisher of computer, pda, mobile phone and video games. midas interactive entertainment is based on the
- shin megami tensei: devil summoner: soul hackers, known in ****an as devil summoner: soul hackers, is a role-playing video game developed by atlus. forming