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Definition of Vestige

Vestige Ves"tige, n. [F., from L. vestigium footprint, trace, sign; the last part (-stigium) is probably akin to E. sty, v. i. Cf. Investigate.] The mark of the foot left on the earth; a track or footstep; a trace; a sign; hence, a faint mark or visible sign left by something which is lost, or has perished, or is no longer present; remains; as, the vestiges of ancient magnificence in Palmyra; vestiges of former population. What vestiges of liberty or property have they left? --Burke. Ridicule has followed the vestiges of Truth, but never usurped her place. --Landor. Syn: Trace; mark; sign; token. Usage: Vestige, Trace. These words agree in marking some indications of the past, but differ to some extent in their use and application. Vestige is used chiefly in a figurative sense, for the remains something long passed away; as, the vestiges of ancient times; vestiges of the creation. A trace is literally something drawn out in a line, and may be used in this its primary sense, or figuratively, to denote a sign or evidence left by something that has passed by, or ceased to exist. Vestige usually supposes some definite object of the past to be left behind; while a trace may be a mere indication that something has been present or is present; as, traces of former population; a trace of poison in a given substance.
Vestige Ves"tige, n. (Biol.) A small, degenerate, or imperfectly developed part or organ which has been more fully developed in some past generation.

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- dna. logically such dna would not be vestigial in the sense of being the vestige of a functional structure. in contrast pseudogenes have lost their protein-coding
- bieuzy (bieuzhi-an-dour in breton) is a commune in the morbihan department in brittany in northwestern france. inhabitants of bieuzy are called bieuzyates
- vestiges and claws is a studio album by josé gonzález, released in february 2015. moon, tom. 'first listen: josé gonzález, 'vestiges & claws''. npr
- century. similarly, the term was used in colonial rhode island, and a vestige of the term remains in the official state name, rhode island and providence
- pulmonary artery and the proximal descending aorta. it is a nonfunctional vestige of the ductus arteriosus, and is formed within three w****s of birth. the
- vestiges of the natural history of creation is an 1844 work of speculative natural history and philosophy by robert chambers. published anonymously in
- national register of historic places in 1980. it was deemed important as a vestige of the once-significant brewing industry in reno. 'national register
- currently unknown. mnevis was identified as being a living bull. this may be a vestige of the sacrifice of kings after a period of reign, who were seen as the