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Aspro zingel
Zingel ing"el (z[i^]ng"el), n. (Zo["o]l.) A small, edible, freshwater European perch (Aspro zingel), having a round, elongated body and prominent snout.
red oxide of zinc
Zincite inc"ite, n. (Min.) Native zinc oxide; a brittle, translucent mineral, of an orange-red color; -- called also red zinc ore, and red oxide of zinc.
red zinc ore
Zincite inc"ite, n. (Min.) Native zinc oxide; a brittle, translucent mineral, of an orange-red color; -- called also red zinc ore, and red oxide of zinc.
Ruby of zinc
Of rubies, sapphires, and pearles white. --Chaucer. 2. The color of a ruby; carmine red; a red tint. The natural ruby of your cheeks. --Shak. 3. That which has the color of the ruby, as red wine. Hence, a red blain or carbuncle. 4. (Print.) See Agate, n., 2. [Eng.] 5. (Zo["o]l.) Any species of South American humming birds of the genus Clytol[ae]ma. The males have a ruby-colored throat or breast. Ruby of arsenic, Ruby of sulphur (Chem.), a glassy substance of a red color and a variable composition, but always consisting chiefly of the disulphide of arsenic; -- called also ruby sulphur. Ruby of zinc (Min.), zinc sulphide; the mineral zinc blende or sphalerite. Ruby silver (Min.), red silver. See under Red.
vitriol of zinc
Vitriol Vit"ri*ol, n. [F. vitriol; cf. Pr. vitriol, vetriol, Sp. & Pg. vitriolo, It. vitriuolo; fr. L. vitreolus of glass, vitreus vitreous. See Vitreous.] (Chem.) (a) A sulphate of any one of certain metals, as copper, iron, zinc, cobalt. So called on account of the glassy appearance or luster. (b) Sulphuric acid; -- called also oil of vitriol. So called because first made by the distillation of green vitriol. See Sulphuric acid, under Sulphuric. [Colloq.] Blue vitriol. See under Blue. Green vitriol, ferrous sulphate; copperas. See under Green. Oil of vitriol, sulphuric or vitriolic acid; -- popularly so called because it has the consistency of oil. Red vitriol, a native sulphate of cobalt. Vitriol of Mars, ferric sulphate, a white crystalline substance which dissolves in water, forming a red solution. White vitriol, zinc sulphate, a white crystalline substance used in medicine and in dyeing. It is usually obtained by dissolving zinc in sulphuric acid, or by roasting and oxidizing certain zinc ores. Formerly called also vitriol of zinc.

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- zin may refer to: zin, afghanistan , a town in afghanistan. zin desert , in the negev. wadi zin , a wadi in the negev that flows to the dead
- name interlaken airport , nativename , nativename-a , nativename-r , image interlaken airport switzerland march 2011 (9380804684).jpg ,
- wilderness of zin/desert of zin (מדבר צין, midbar tzin) is a geographic area mentioned by the torah as containing kadesh-barnea within it
- zin is a village in badakhshan province in northeastern afghanistan references. external links. http://www. maplandia. badakhshan/zin satellite
- fam6 northeast bantu , fam7 great lakes bantu , fam8 haya–jita (j.20) , iso3 zin , glotto zinz1238 , glottorefname zinza , guthrie je.23
- kuh zin (كوه زين, also romanize d as kūh zīn; also known as gazīn, gozīn, kezan, and kizin is a village in sain qaleh rural district , in
- mam and zin (mem û zîn) is a kurdish cl****ic love story written down 1692 and is considered to be the épopée of kurdish literature.
- eindra kyaw zin. (အိန္ဒြာကျော်ဇင်, ʔèiɴdɹà tɕɔ̀ zɪ̀ɴ , pron born 24 april 1977) is a myanmar academy award winning film actress and tv
- parke gerald zinzan 'zin' harris (18 july 1927, christchurch , new zealand – 1 december 1991, christchurch) was a new zealand cricket er
- brian zins is a former united states marine corps military police officer and gunnery sergeant . he is also a competitive shooter known