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Definition of hatchettite

Mineral Min"er*al, a. 1. Of or pertaining to minerals; consisting of a mineral or of minerals; as, a mineral substance. 2. Impregnated with minerals; as, mineral waters. Mineral acids (Chem.), inorganic acids, as sulphuric, nitric, phosphoric, hydrochloric, acids, etc., as distinguished from the organic acids. Mineral blue, the name usually given to azurite, when reduced to an impalpable powder for coloring purposes. Mineral candle, a candle made of paraffine. Mineral caoutchouc, an elastic mineral pitch, a variety of bitumen, resembling caoutchouc in elasticity and softness. See Caoutchouc, and Elaterite. Mineral chameleon (Chem.) See Chameleon mineral, under Chameleon. Mineral charcoal. See under Charcoal. Mineral cotton. See Mineral wool (below). Mineral green, a green carbonate of copper; malachite. Mineral kingdom (Nat. Sci.), that one of the three grand divisions of nature which embraces all inorganic objects, as distinguished from plants or animals. Mineral oil. See Naphtha, and Petroleum. Mineral paint, a pigment made chiefly of some natural mineral substance, as red or yellow iron ocher. Mineral patch. See Bitumen, and Asphalt. Mineral right, the right of taking minerals from land. Mineral salt (Chem.), a salt of a mineral acid. Mineral tallow, a familiar name for hatchettite, from its fatty or spermaceti-like appearance. Mineral water. See under Water. Mineral wax. See Ozocerite. Mineral wool, a fibrous wool-like material, made by blowing a powerful jet of air or steam through melted slag. It is a poor conductor of heat.
Hatchettine Hatch"et*tine, Hatchettite Hatch"et*tite, n. [Named after the discoverer, Charles Hatchett.] (Min.) Mineral t? low; a waxy or spermaceti-like substance, commonly of a greenish yellow color.

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- Hatchettite (also mountain tallow, mineral tallow, mineral adipocire, or adipocerite) is a mineral hydrocarbon. It has been claimed to be the same as...
- Hydrotalcite Hydroxylapatite Hydrozincite Varieties that are not valid species: Hatchettite (a paraffin wax) Heliodor (greenish-yellow variety of beryl) Heliotrope...
- minerals that floats on water. It has been claimed to be the same as hatchettite. Evenkite was first described in 1953 by A. V. Shropyshev, as found in...