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Apotelesm A*pot"e*lesm, n. [See Apotelesmatic.] 1. The result or issue. [Obs.] 2. (Astrol.) The calculation and explanation of a nativity. [Obs.] --Bailey.
Apotelesmatic Ap`o*tel`es*mat"ic, a. [Gr. ?, fr. ? effect of the stars on human destiny, fr. ? to complete; ? from + ? to end, ? end.] 1. Relating to the casting of horoscopes. [Archaic] --Whewell. 2. Relating to an issue of fulfillment. In this way a passage in the Old Testament may have, or rather comprise, an apotelesmatic sense, i. e., one of after or final accomplishment. --M. Stuart.
Ateles ater
Coaita Co*ai"ta (k[-o]*[aum][i^]"t[.a]), n. (Zo["o]l.) The native name of certain South American monkeys of the genus Ateles, esp. A. paniscus. The black-faced coaita is Ateles ater. See Illustration in Appendix.
Ateles belzebuth
Belzebuth Bel"ze*buth, n. [From Beelzebub.] (Zo["o]l.) A spider monkey (Ateles belzebuth) of Brazil.
Ateles belzebuth
Marimonda Mar`i*mon"da, n. [Sp.] (Zo["o]l.) A spider monkey (Ateles belzebuth) of Central and South America.
Ateles chameck
Chameck Cha*meck", n. [Native Brazilian name.] (Zo["o]l.) A kind of spider monkey (Ateles chameck), having the thumbs rudimentary and without a nail.
Bateless Bate"less, a. Not to be abated. [Obs.] --Shak.
Boteless Bote"less, a. Unavailing; in vain. See Bootless.
Dateless Date"less, a. Without date; having no fixed time.
Detteles Dette"les, a. Free from debt. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
Dialytic telescope
Dialytic Di`a*lyt"ic, a. [Gr. ?, fr. ?. See Dialysis.] Having the quality of unloosing or separating. --Clarke. Dialytic telescope, an achromatic telescope in which the colored dispersion produced by a single object lens of crown glass is corrected by a smaller concave lens, or combination of lenses, of high dispersive power, placed at a distance in the narrower part of the converging cone of rays, usually near the middle of the tube.
Disputeless Dis*pute"less, a. Admitting no dispute; incontrovertible. --Bailey.
equatorial telescope
Equatorial E`qua*to"ri*al, n. (Astron.) An instrument consisting of a telescope so mounted as to have two axes of motion at right angles to each other, one of them parallel to the axis of the earth, and each carrying a graduated circle, the one for measuring declination, and the other right ascension, or the hour angle, so that the telescope may be directed, even in the daytime, to any star or other object whose right ascension and declination are known. The motion in right ascension is sometimes communicated by clockwork, so as to keep the object constantly in the field of the telescope. Called also an equatorial telescope. Note: The term equatorial, or equatorial instrument, is sometimes applied to any astronomical instrument which has its principal axis of rotation parallel to the axis of the earth.
Finiteless Fi"nite*less, a. Infinite. [Obs.] --Sir T. browne.
Focal distance of a telescope
Focal Fo"cal, a. [Cf. F. focal. See Focus.] Belonging to,or concerning, a focus; as, a focal point. Focal distance, or length, of a lens or mirror (Opt.), the distance of the focus from the surface of the lens or mirror, or more exactly, in the case of a lens, from its optical center. Focal distance of a telescope, the distance of the image of an object from the object glass.
Gateless Gate"less, a. Having no gate.
Mateless Mate"less, a. [Cf. Matchless.] Having no mate.
Noteless Note"less, a. Not attracting notice; not conspicuous. Noteless as the race from which he sprung. --Sir W. Scott.
Notelessness Note"less*ness, n. A state of being noteless.
Phototelescope Pho`to*tel"e*scope, n. (Astron.) A telescope adapted for taking photographs of the heavenly bodies.
prism telescope
Teinoscope Tei"no*scope, n. [Gr. ? to extend + -scope.] (Physics) An instrument formed by combining prisms so as to correct the chromatic aberration of the light while linear dimensions of objects seen through the prisms are increased or diminished; -- called also prism telescope. --Sir D. Brewster.
Proteles Pro"te*les, n. [NL.] (Zo["o]l.) A South Africa genus of Carnivora, allied to the hyenas, but smaller and having weaker jaws and teeth. It includes the aard-wolf.
Proteles Lalandii
Aard-wolf Aard"-wolf` ([aum]rd"w[oo^]lf), n. [D, earth-wolf] (Zo["o]l.) A carnivorous quadruped (Proteles Lalandii), of South Africa, resembling the fox and hyena. See Proteles.
Refracting telescope
Refracting Re*fract"ing, a. Serving or tending to refract; as, a refracting medium. Refracting angle of a prism (Opt.), the angle of a triangular prism included between the two sides through which the refracted beam passes in the decomposition of light. Refracting telescope. (Opt.) See under Telescope.
Reputeless Re*pute"less, a. Not having good repute; disreputable; disgraceful; inglorius. [R.] --Shak.
Respiteless Res"pite*less, a. Without respite. --Baxter.
Sateless Sate"less, a. Insatiable. [R.] --Young.
Sciotheric telescope
Sciotheric Sci`o*ther"ic, a. [Cf. L. sciothericon a sundial. See Sciatheric.] Of or pertaining to a sundial. Sciotheric telescope (Dialing), an instrument consisting of a horizontal dial, with a telescope attached to it, used for determining the time, whether of day or night.
Stateless State"less, a. Without state or pomp.
Tasteless Taste"less, a. 1. Having no taste; insipid; flat; as, tasteless fruit. 2. Destitute of the sense of taste; or of good taste; as, a tasteless age. --Orrery. 3. Not in accordance with good taste; as, a tasteless arrangement of drapery. -- Taste"less*ly, adv. -- Taste"less*ness, n.

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