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Definition of Silvia locustella

Silvia locustella
Cricket Crick"et (kr?k"?t), n. [OE. criket, OF. crequet, criquet; prob. of German origin, and akin to E. creak; cf. D. kriek a cricket. See Creak.] (Zo["o]l.) An orthopterous insect of the genus Gryllus, and allied genera. The males make chirping, musical notes by rubbing together the basal parts of the veins of the front wings. Note: The common European cricket is Gryllus domesticus; the common large black crickets of America are G. niger, G. neglectus, and others. Balm cricket. See under Balm. Cricket bird, a small European bird (Silvia locustella); -- called also grasshopper warbler. Cricket frog, a small American tree frog (Acris gryllus); -- so called from its chirping.

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