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Definition of Shovelspur

Shovel Shov"el, n. [OE. shovele, schovele, AS. scoft, sceoft; akin to D. schoffel, G. schaufel, OHG. sc?vala, Dan. skovl, Sw. skofvel, skyffel, and to E. shove. [root]160. See Shove, v. t.] An implement consisting of a broad scoop, or more or less hollow blade, with a handle, used for lifting and throwing earth, coal, grain, or other loose substances. Shovel hat, a broad-brimmed hat, turned up at the sides, and projecting in front like a shovel, -- worn by some clergy of the English Church. [Colloq.] Shovelspur (Zo["o]l.), a flat, horny process on the tarsus of some toads, -- used in burrowing. Steam shovel, a machine with a scoop or scoops, operated by a steam engine, for excavating earth, as in making railway cuttings.

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