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Civil Service Reform
Civil Service Reform Civil Service Reform The substitution of business principles and methods for political methods in the conduct of the civil service. esp. the merit system instead of the spoils system in making appointments to office.
Misreform Mis`re*form", v. t. To reform wrongly or imperfectly.
Preform Pre*form", v. t. [L. praeformare. See Pre-, and Form.] To form beforehand, or for special ends. ``Their natures and preformed faculties. ' --Shak.
Preformation Pre`for*ma"tion, n. (Biol.) An old theory of the pre["e]xistence of germs. Cf. Embo[^i]tement.
Preformative Pre*form"a*tive, n. A formative letter at the beginning of a word. --M. Stuart.
Reformade Ref`or*made" (r?f`?r*m?d"), n. A reformado. [Obs.]
Reformado Ref`or*ma"do (-m?"d?), n. [Sp., fr. reformar, L. reformare. SEe Reform, v. t.] 1. A monk of a reformed order. [Obs.] --Weever. 2. An officer who, in disgrace, is deprived of his command, but retains his rank, and sometimes his pay. [Obs.]
Reformalize Re*form"al*ize (r?*f?rm"al*?z), v. i. To affect reformation; to pretend to correctness. [R.]
Reformative Re*form"a*tive (r?*f?rm"?*t?v), a. Forming again; having the quality of renewing form; reformatory. --Good.
Reformatory Re*form"a*to*ry (-t?*r?), a. Tending to produce reformation; reformative.
Reformatory Re*form"a*to*ry, n.; pl. -ries (-r?z). An institution for promoting the reformation of offenders. Magistrates may send juvenile offenders to reformatories instead of to prisons. --Eng. Cyc.
Reformed Re*formed" (r?*f?rmd"), a. 1. Corrected; amended; restored to purity or excellence; said, specifically, of the whole body of Protestant churches originating in the Reformation. Also, in a more restricted sense, of those who separated from Luther on the doctrine of consubstantiation, etc., and carried the Reformation, as they claimed, to a higher point. The Protestant churches founded by them in Switzerland, France, Holland, and part of Germany, were called the Reformed churches. The town was one of the strongholds of the Reformed faith. --Macaulay. 2. Amended in character and life; as, a reformed gambler or drunkard. 3. (Mil.) Retained in service on half or full pay after the disbandment of the company or troop; -- said of an officer. [Eng.]
Reformer Re*form"er (r?*f?rm"?r), n. 1. One who effects a reformation or amendment; one who labors for, or urges, reform; as, a reformer of manners, or of abuses. 2. (Eccl.Hist.) One of those who commenced the reformation of religion in the sixteenth century, as Luther, Melanchthon, Zwingli, and Calvin.
Reformly Re*form"ly, adv. In the manner of a reform; for the purpose of reform. [Obs.] --Milton.
Unreformation Un*ref`or*ma"tion, n. Want of reformation; state of being unreformed. [Obs.] --Bp. Hall.
Whereform Where*form", adv. [Where + from.] From which; from which or what place. --Tennyson.

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