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Definition of Mindedness

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Able-minded A`ble-mind"ed, a. Having much intellectual power. -- A`ble-mind"ed*ness, n.
Absent-minded Ab`sent-mind"ed, a. Absent in mind; abstracted; preoccupied. -- Ab`sent-mind"ed*ness, n. -- Ab`sent-mind"ed*ly, adv.
Carnal-mindedness Car"nal-mind"ed*ness, n. Grossness of mind.
Earthly-minded Earth"ly-mind`ed, a. Having a mind devoted to earthly things; worldly-minded; -- opposed to spiritual-minded. -- Earth"ly-mind`ed*ness, n.
Evil-minded E"vil-mind`ed, a. Having evil dispositions or intentions; disposed to mischief or sin; malicious; malignant; wicked. -- E"vil-mind`ed*ness, n.
Fair-minded Fair"-mind`ed, a. Unprejudiced; just; judicial; honest. -- Fair"*mind`ed*ness, n.
Feeble-minded Fee"ble-mind"ed, a. Weak in intellectual power; wanting firmness or constancy; irresolute; vacilating; imbecile. ``comfort the feeble-minded.' --1 Thess. v. 14. -- Fee"ble-mind"ed*ness, n.
Heavenlyminded Heav"en*ly*mind`ed, a. Having the thoughts and affections placed on, or suitable for, heaven and heavenly objects; devout; godly; pious. --Milner. -- Heav"en*ly*mind`ed*ness, n.
High-mindedness High"-mind`ed*ness, n. The quality of being highminded; nobleness; magnanimity.
Light-minded Light"-mind`ed (-m[imac]nd`[e^]d), a. Unsettled; unsteady; volatile; not considerate. -- Light"-mind`ed*ness, n.
Low-mindedness Low"-mind`ed*ness, n. The quality of being lowminded; meanness; baseness.
Narrow-minded Nar"row-mind`ed, a. Of narrow mental scope; illiberal; mean. -- Nar"row-mind`ed*ness, n.
Noble-minded No"ble-mind`ed, a. Having a noble mind; honorable; magnanimous. -- No"ble-mind`ed*ness, n.
Public-minded Pub"lic-mind`ed, a. Public-spirited. -- Pub"lic-mind`ed*ness, n.
Right-minded Right"-mind`ed, a. Having a right or honest mind. -- Right"-mind`ed*ness, n.
Simple-minded Sim"ple-mind`ed, a. Artless; guileless; simple-hearted; undesigning; unsuspecting; devoid of duplicity. --Blackstone. -- Sim"ple-mind`ed*ness, n.
Sober-minded So"ber-mind`ed, a. Having a disposition or temper habitually sober. -- So"ber-mind`ed*ness, n.
Spiritual-minded Spir"it*u*al-mind`ed, a. Having the mind set on spiritual things, or filled with holy desires and affections. -- Spir"it*u*al-mind`ed*ness, n.
Strong-minded Strong"-mind`ed, a. Having a vigorous mind; esp., having or affecting masculine qualities of mind; -- said of women. -- Strong"-mind`ed*ness, n.
Weak-minded Weak"-mind`ed, a. Having a weak mind, either naturally or by reason of disease; feebleminded; foolish; idiotic. -- Weak"-mind`ed*ness, n.

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- The mind is the set of faculties including cognitive aspects such as consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, intelligence, judgement, language...
- Absent-mindedness is a mental condition in which the subject experiences low levels of attention and frequent distraction. Absent-mindedness is not a...
- Open-mindedness is receptiveness to new ideas.. Open-mindedness relates to the way in which people approach the views and knowledge of others, and (in...
- Backward and Feeble-minded Children) at Vineland, New Jersey. Goddard was known for strongly postulating that "feeble-mindedness" was a hereditary trait...
- life, encouraging listening and psychological mindedness. Social workers having psychological mindedness in relation to themselves, enables them to understand...
- satisfied. Mind-mindedness involves adopting the intentional stance towards another person. Individual differences in mind-mindedness have been observed...
- double-mindedness, Kierkegaard argues that discipline and clarity of the self is essential and necessary to overcome double-mindedness. Double-mindedness isn't...
- The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness was a 1912 book by the American psychologist and eugenicist Henry H. Goddard. The work...
- trust, straightforwardness, altruism, compliance, modesty, and tender-mindedness. Like all Big Five personality traits, the roots of the modern concept...
- on double mindedness in James 1 and its relation to hypocrisy in Matthew 6:22, Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary says "double-minded-literally,...