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Definition of Logis

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Aerologist A`["e]r*ol"o*gist, n. One versed in a["e]rology.
Agriologist Ag`ri*ol"o*gist ([a^]g`r[i^]*[o^]l"[-o]*j[i^]st), n. One versed or engaged in agriology.
Agrostologist Ag`ros*tol"o*gist, n. One skilled in agrostology.
Algologist Al*gol"o*gist, n. One learned about alg[ae]; a student of algology.
Amphilogism Am*phil"o*gism, Amphilogy Am*phil"o*gy, n. [Gr. ? + -logy.] Ambiguity of speech; equivocation. [R.]
Analogism A*nal"o*gism, n. [Gr. ? course of reasoning, fr. ? to think over, to calculate] 1. Logic an argument from the cause to the effect; an a priori argument. --Johnson. 2. Investigation of things by the analogy they bear to each other. --Crabb.
Analogist A*nal"o*gist, n. One who reasons from analogy, or represent, by analogy. --Cheyne.
Anthologist An*thol"o*gist, n. One who compiles an anthology.
Anthropologist An`thro*pol"o*gist, n. One who is versed in anthropology.
Antiphlogistian An`ti*phlo*gis"tian, n. An opposer of the theory of phlogiston.
Antiphlogistic An`ti*phlo*gis"tic, a. 1. (Chem.) Opposed to the doctrine of phlogiston. 2. (Med.) Counteracting inflammation.
Antiphlogistic An`ti*phlo*gis"tic, n. (Med.) Any medicine or diet which tends to check inflammation. --Coxe.
Apiologist A`pi*ol"o*gist, n. [L. apis bee + -logist (see -logy).] A student of bees. [R.] --Emerson.
Apologist A*pol"o*gist, n. [Cf. F. apologiste.] One who makes an apology; one who speaks or writes in defense of a faith, a cause, or an institution; especially, one who argues in defense of Christianity.
Arachnologist Ar`ach*nol"o*gist, n. One who is versed in, or studies, arachnology.
Archaeologist Ar`ch[ae]*ol"o*gist, n. One versed in arch[ae]ology; an antiquary. --Wright.
Assyriologist As*syr`i*ol"o*gist, n. One versed in Assyriology; a student of Assyrian arch[ae]ology.
Astrometeorology As`tro*me`te*or*ol"o*gy, n. [Astro- + meteorology.] The investigation of the relation between the sun, moon, and stars, and the weather. -- As`*tro*me`te*or`o*log"ic*al, a. -- As`tro*me`te*or*ol"o*gist, n.
Atmologist At*mol"o*gist, n. One who is versed in atmology.
Bacteriologist Bac*te"ri*ol`o*gist, n. One skilled in bacteriology.
Battologist Bat*tol"o*gist, n. One who battologizes.
Biologist Bi*ol"o*gist, n. A student of biology; one versed in the science of biology.
Bromatologist Bro`ma*tol"o*gist, n. One versed in the science of foods.
Bryologist Bry*ol"o*gist, n. One versed in bryology.
Campanologist Cam`pa*nol"o*gist, n. One skilled in campanology; a bell ringer.
Carpologist Car*pol"o*gist, n. One who describes fruits; one versed in carpology.
Cetologist Ce*tol"o*gist, a. One versed in cetology.
Chirologist Chi*rol"o*gist, n. One who communicates thoughts by signs made with the hands and fingers.
Chronologist Chro*nol"o*gist, Chronologer Chro*nol"o*ger, n. [Gr. ?.] A person who investigates dates of events and transactions; one skilled in chronology. That learned noise and dust of the chronologist is wholly to be avoided. --Locke. THe most exact chronologers tell us that Christ was born in October, and not in December. --John Knox.
Climatologist Cli`ma*tol"o*gist, n. One versed in, or who studies, climatology.

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- Logi (Old Norse 'fire, flame') or Hálogi ('High Flame') is a jötunn and the personification of fire in Norse mythology. He is a son of the jötunn Fornjótr...
- logis-chef (equivalent to sergent-chef). This is a superior rank to maréchal des logis and wears three chevrons, gold or silver. Maréchal des logis de...
- In architecture, a corps de logis (French pronunciation: ​[kɔʁ də lɔʒi]) is the prin****l block of a large, usually classical, mansion or palace. It contains...
- Logi Analytics, Inc. is a computer software company headquartered in McLean, Virginia, United States with offices in the UK and Ireland. It offers interactive...
- Logitech International S.A. (/ˈlɒdʒɪtɛk/ LOJ-i-tek; often shortened to Logi) is a Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software, with headquarters...
- extensively debated. The name has at times been ****ociated with the Old Norse word logi ('flame'), but there seems not to be a sound linguistic basis for this. Rather...
- company was formed through the merger of AMB Property Corporation and ProLogis in June 2011, which made Prologis the largest industrial real estate company...
- Gets Hina Logi TV Anime in Summer". Anime News Network. January 30, 2017. Retrieved January 30, 2017. "Bushiroad Streams Promo Video for Hina Logi: From Luck...
- major-général des logis, lit. 'major-general of lodging': Autrefois les officiers de l’état-major se nommaient: maréchal des logis, major-général des logis; de là...
- Hjörtur Logi Valgarðsson (born 27 September 1988) is an Icelandic professional footballer who plays as a defender for FH Hafnarfjörður. He made his debut...