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Figure flinger
2/22/42/8 4/22/44/8 3/23/43/8 6/46/46/8 Academy figure, Canceled figures, Lay figure, etc. See under Academy, Cancel, Lay, etc. Figure caster, or Figure flinger, an astrologer. ``This figure caster.' --Milton. Figure flinging, the practice of astrology. Figure-of-eight knot, a knot shaped like the figure 8. See Illust. under Knot. Figure painting, a picture of the human figure, or the act or art of depicting the human figure. Figure stone (Min.), agalmatolite. Figure weaving, the art or process of weaving figured fabrics. To cut a figure, to make a display. [Colloq.] --Sir W. Scott.
Flinger Fling"er, n. One who flings; one who jeers.
Lingerer Lin"ger*er (-[~e]r), n. One who lingers. --Guardian.
Lingerie Lin`ge*rie, n. [F.] Linen goods collectively; linen underwear, esp. of women; the clothing of linen and cotton with its lace, etc., worn by a women.
Lingering Lin"ger*ing, a. 1. Delaying. 2. Drawn out in time; remaining long; protracted; as, a lingering disease. To die is the fate of man; but to die with lingering anguish is generally his folly. --Rambler.
Lingeringly Lin"ger*ing*ly, adv. With delay; slowly; tediously.
Malinger Ma*lin"ger, v. i. [imp. & p. p. MAlingered; p. pr. & vb. n. Malingering.] To act the part of a malingerer; to feign illness or inability.
Malinger Ma*lin"ger, v. i. [imp. & p. p. MAlingered; p. pr. & vb. n. Malingering.] To act the part of a malingerer; to feign illness or inability.
Malingerer Ma*lin"ger*er, n. [F. malingre sickly, weakly, prob. from mal ill + OF. heingre, haingre, thin, lean, infirm, fr. L. aeger.] In the army, a soldier who feigns himself sick, or who induces or protracts an illness, in order to avoid doing his duty; hence, in general, one who shirks his duty by pretending illness or inability.
Malinger Ma*lin"ger, v. i. [imp. & p. p. MAlingered; p. pr. & vb. n. Malingering.] To act the part of a malingerer; to feign illness or inability.
Malingery Ma*lin"ger*y, n. The spirit or practices of a malingerer; malingering.
Overlinger O"ver*lin"ger, v. t. To cause to linger; to detain too long. [Obs.] --Fuller.
Slinger Sling"er, n. One who slings, or uses a sling.

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- Linger may refer to: Linger (surname), a list of people with the name Linger, Luxembourg, a town Linger (film), a 2008 Hong Kong film directed by Johnnie...
- The Dead Linger is a canceled sandbox zombie video game developed by Sandswept Studios. Gameplay in The Dead Linger was to be similar to other survival...
- "Linger" is a song by Irish alternative rock band The Cranberries from their debut studio album Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (1993). Composed...
- Linger is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Andreas Linger (born 1981), Austrian luger Carl Linger (1810–1862), German Australian composer...
- Where Your Eyes Linger (Korean: 너의 시선이 머무는 곳에; RR: Neoeui Siseoni Meomuneun Gote) is a 2020 South Korean web series starring Han Gi-chan, Jang Eui-soo...
- Linger in Shadows is a demoscene project by the Polish demogroup Plastic, released on the PlayStation 3. It was first announced at Breakpoint 2008 in Germany...
- Dare Not Linger: The Presidential Years is a book by Nelson Mandela and Mandla Langa describing Mandela's term as President of South Africa. It was published...
- titled "Kentucky Nightmare", the stealth pilots from December, Captain Linger, and an episode of Home Movies were screened for free. The screening was...
- Linger (Luxembourgish: Lénger) is a small town in the commune of Bascharage, in south-western Luxembourg. As of 2005[update], the town has a po****tion...
- Bill Linger (born 11 May 1931) is a former Australian rules footballer who pla**** with St Kilda in the Victorian Football League (VFL). Holmesby, Russell;...