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Eugenesis Eu*gen"e*sis, n. [Pref. eu- + genesis.] (Biol.) The quality or condition of having strong reproductive powers; generation with full fertility between different species or races, specif. between hybrids of the first generation.
Eugenia Eu*ge"ni*a ([-u]*j[=e]"n[i^]*[.a]), n. [NL. Named in honor of Prince Eugene of Savoy.] (Bot.) A genus of myrtaceous plants, mostly of tropical countries, and including several aromatic trees and shrubs, among which are the trees which produce allspice and cloves of commerce.
Eugenia fragrans
Zebrawood e"bra*wood`, n. (a) A kind of cabinet wood having beautiful black, brown, and whitish stripes, the timber of a tropical American tree (Connarus Guianensis). (b) The wood of a small West Indian myrtaceous tree (Eugenia fragrans). (c) The wood of an East Indian tree of the genus Guettarda.
Eugenia Malaccensis
Malay Ma*lay", Malayan Ma*lay"an, a. Of or pertaining to the Malays or their country. -- n. The Malay language. Malay apple (Bot.), a myrtaceous tree (Eugenia Malaccensis) common in India; also, its applelike fruit.
Eugenia or Caryophullus aromatica
Clove Clove, n. [OE. clow, fr. F. clou nail, clou de girofle a clove, lit. nail of clove, fr. L. clavus nail, perh. akin to clavis key, E. clavicle. The clove was so called from its resemblance to a nail. So in D. kruidnagel clove, lit. herb-nail or spice-nail. Cf. Cloy.] A very pungent aromatic spice, the unexpanded flower bud of the clove tree (Eugenia, or Caryophullus, aromatica), a native of the Molucca Isles. Clove camphor. (Chem.) See Eugenin. Clove gillyflower, Clove pink (Bot.), any fragrant self-colored carnation.
Eugenia pimenta
Allspice All"spice`, n. The berry of the pimento (Eugenia pimenta), a tree of the West Indies; a spice of a mildly pungent taste, and agreeably aromatic; Jamaica pepper; pimento. It has been supposed to combine the flavor of cinnamon, nutmegs, and cloves; and hence the name. The name is also given to other aromatic shrubs; as, the Carolina allspice (Calycanthus floridus); wild allspice (Lindera benzoin), called also spicebush, spicewood, and feverbush.
Eugenia Smithii
Lilly-pilly Lil"ly-pil`ly (l[i^]l"l[y^]-p[i^]l`l[y^]), n. (Bot.) An Australian myrtaceous tree (Eugenia Smithii), having smooth ovate leaves, and panicles of small white flowers. The wood is hard and fine-grained.
Eugenic Eu*gen"ic ([-u]*j[e^]n"[i^]k), a. [See Eugenia.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or derived from, cloves; as, eugenic acid.
eugenic acid
Eugenol Eu"ge*nol, n. [Eugenia + -ol.] (Chem.) A colorless, aromatic, liquid hydrocarbon, C10H12O2 resembling the phenols, and hence also called eugenic acid. It is found in the oils of pimento and cloves.
Eugenics Eu*gen"ics, n. The science of improving stock, whether human or animal. --F. Galton.
Eugenin Eu"ge*nin, n. (Chem.) A colorless, crystalline substance extracted from oil of cloves; -- called also clove camphor.
Eugenol Eu"ge*nol, n. [Eugenia + -ol.] (Chem.) A colorless, aromatic, liquid hydrocarbon, C10H12O2 resembling the phenols, and hence also called eugenic acid. It is found in the oils of pimento and cloves.

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