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Armeria vulgaris
Thrift Thrift, n. [Icel. [thorn]rift. See Thrive.] 1. A thriving state; good husbandry; economical management in regard to property; frugality. The rest, . . . willing to fall to thrift, prove very good husbands. --Spenser. 2. Success and advance in the acquisition of property; increase of worldly goods; gain; prosperity. ``Your thrift is gone full clean.' --Chaucer. I have a mind presages me such thrift. --Shak. 3. Vigorous growth, as of a plant. 4. (Bot.) One of several species of flowering plants of the genera Statice and Armeria. Common thrift (Bot.), Armeria vulgaris; -- also called sea pink. Syn: Frugality; economy; prosperity; gain; profit.
Baby farmer
Baby farmer Ba"by farm`er One who keeps a baby farm.
Charmer Charm"er, n. 1. One who charms, or has power to charm; one who uses the power of enchantment; a magician. --Deut. xviii. 11. 2. One who delights and attracts the affections.
Charmeress Charm"er*ess, n. An enchantress. --Chaucer.
Disarmer Dis*arm"er, n. One who disarms.
Farmeress Farm"er*ess, n. A woman who farms.
Farmership Farm"er*ship, n. Skill in farming.
Steading Stead"ing, n. The brans, stables, cattle-yards, etc., of a farm; -- called also onstead, farmstead, farm offices, or farmery. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.]
Farmery Farm"er*y, n. The buildings and yards necessary for the business of a farm; a homestead. [Eng.]
Gendarmery Gen*darm"er*y, n. [F. gendarmerie.] The body of gendarmes.
Gong farmer
Gong Gong, n. [AS. gong, gang, a going, passage, drain. See Gang.] A privy or jakes. [Obs.] --Chaucer. Gong farmer, Gong man, a cleaner of privies. [Obs.]
Underfarmer Un"der*farm`er, n. An assistant farmer.
Warmer Warm"er, n. One who, or that which, warms.

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- Armer is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alan Armer (1922–2010), American television writer, producer, and director Elinor Armer (born...
- international level. Born in Preston, Armer is from Penwortham and has Scottish descent on his mother's side of the family. Armer joined Preston North End at the...
- Elinor Armer (born October 6, 1939) is an American pianist, music educator and composer. Elinor Armer was born in Oakland, California but at the age of...
- anatomy, the arm is the part of the upper limb between the glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) and the elbow joint. In common usage, the arm extends through...
- in search of a radio job, Armer began working at an advertising agency that specialized in television ads. In that role, Armer later wrote, acted in, directed...
- Ruth Armer died in San Francisco in 1977. Her papers have been preserved in the Smithsonian Institution Archives. Abstract expressionism "Ruth Armer". www...
- The Wood–Armer method is a structural analysis method based on finite element analysis used to design the reinforcement for concrete slabs. This method...
- ARM (stylised in lowercase as arm, previously an acronym for Advanced RISC Machines and originally Acorn RISC Machine) is a family of reduced instruction...
- Mexico. Armer, Laura Adams (1931). Waterless Mountain. Longmans, Green. Armer, Laura Adams (1933). Dark Circle of Branches. Longman, Green. Armer, Laura...
- Just a Gigolo (Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo) is a 1978 West German black comedy film directed by David Hemmings and starring David Bowie. Set in post-World...