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Definition of Ambrosia artemisiaefolia

Ambrosia artemisiaefolia
Wormwood Worm"wood, n. [AS. werm?d, akin to OHG. wermuota, wormuota, G. wermuth, wermut; of uncertain origin.] 1. (Bot.) A composite plant (Artemisia Absinthium), having a bitter and slightly aromatic taste, formerly used as a tonic and a vermifuge, and to protect woolen garments from moths. It gives the peculiar flavor to the cordial called absinthe. The volatile oil is a narcotic poison. The term is often extended to other species of the same genus. 2. Anything very bitter or grievous; bitterness. Lest there should be among you a root that beareth gall and wormwood. --Deut. xxix. 18. Roman wormwood (Bot.), an American weed (Ambrosia artemisi[ae]folia); hogweed. Tree wormwood (Bot.), a species of Artemisia (probably Artemisia variabilis) with woody stems. Wormwood hare (Zo["o]l.), a variety of the common hare (Lepus timidus); -- so named from its color.
Ambrosia artemisiaefolia
Ragweed Rag"weed, n. (Bot.) A common American composite weed (Ambrosia artemisi[ae]folia) with finely divided leaves; hogweed. Great ragweed, a coarse American herb (Ambrosia trifida), with rough three-lobed opposite leaves.

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- Ambrosia artemisiifolia, with the common names common ragweed, annual ragweed, and low ragweed, is a species of the genus Ambrosia native to regions of...