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Gyrodus Gyr"o*dus, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ? round + ? tooth.] (Paleon.) A genus of extinct o["o]litic fishes, having rounded teeth in several rows adapted for crushing.
Gyrogonite Gy*rog"o*nite, n. [Gr. ? circle, ring + ? fruit.] (Paleon.) The petrified fruit of the Chara hispida, a species of stonewort. See Stonewort. --Lyell.
Gyroidal Gy*roid"al, a. [Gr. ? circle + -oid + -al.] 1. Spiral in arrangement or action. 2. (Crystallog.) Having the planes arranged spirally, so that they incline all to the right (or left) of a vertical line; -- said of certain hemihedral forms. 3. (Opt.) Turning the plane of polarization circularly or spirally to the right or left.
Gyrolepis Gy*rol"e*pis, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ? round + ? scale.] (Paleon.) A genus of ganoid fishes, found in strata of the new red sandetone, and the lias bone beds. --Agassiz.
Gyroma Gy*ro"ma, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ? to round, bend, fr. ? round.] A turning round. [R.]
Gyromancy Gyr"o*man"cy, n. [Gr. ? ring, circle + -mancy: cf. F. gyromancie.] A kind of divination performed by drawing a ring or circle, and walking in or around it. --Brande & C.
Gyron Gy"ron, n. [F. giron; of German origin. See Gore a piece of cloth,] (Her.) A subordinary of triangular form having one of its angles at the fess point and the opposite aide at the edge of the escutcheon. When there is only one gyron on the shield it is bounded by two lines drawn from the fess point, one horizontally to the dexter side, and one to the dexter chief corner.
Gyropigeon Gy"ro*pi"geon, n. [L. gyrare to revolve + E. pigeon.] A flying object simulating a pigeon in flight, when projected from a spring trap. It is used as a flying target in shooting matches. --Knight.
Gyroscopic Gy"ro*scop"ic, a. Pertaining to the gyroscope; resembling the motion of the gyroscope.
Gyrostat Gy"ro*stat, n. [Gr. ? ring, circle + ? to cause to stand.] (Physics) A modification of the gyroscope, consisting essentially of a fly wheel fixed inside a rigid case to which is attached a thin flange of metal for supporting the instrument. It is used in studying the dynamics of rotating bodies.
Gyrostatic Gy"ro*stat"ic, a. (Physics) Of or pertaining to the gyrostat or to gyrostatics.
Gyrostatics Gy"ro*stat"ics, n. (Physics) The doctrine or theory of the gyrostat, or of the phenomena of rotating bodies.
Helvella or Gyromitra esculenta
Turban-top Tur"ban-top`, n. (Bot.) A kind of fungus with an irregularly wrinkled, somewhat globular pileus (Helvella, or Gyromitra, esculenta.).
S argyrops
Scup Scup, n. [Contr. fr. American Indian mishc[`u]p, fr. mishe-kuppi large, thick-scaled.] (Zo["o]l.) A marine sparoid food fish (Stenotomus chrysops, or S. argyrops), common on the Atlantic coast of the United States. It appears bright silvery when swimming in the daytime, but shows broad blackish transverse bands at night and when dead. Called also porgee, paugy, porgy, scuppaug. Note: The same names are also applied to a closely allied Southern species. (Stenotomus Gardeni).
Cinematograph Cin`e*mat"o*graph, n. [Gr. ?, ?, motion + -graph.] 1. A machine, combining magic lantern and kinetoscope features, for projecting on a screen a series of pictures, moved rapidly (25 to 50 a second) and intermittently before an objective lens, and producing by persistence of vision the illusion of continuous motion; a moving-picture machine; also, any of several other machines or devices producing moving pictorial effects. Other common names for the cinematograph are animatograph, biograph, bioscope, electrograph, electroscope, kinematograph, kinetoscope, veriscope, vitagraph, vitascope, zo["o]gyroscope, zo["o]praxiscope, etc.

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