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Definition of Oblique angle. Meaning of Oblique angle. Synonyms of Oblique angle

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Definition of Oblique angle

Oblique angle
Oblique Ob*lique", a. [F., fr. L. obliquus; ob (see Ob-) + liquis oblique; cf. licinus bent upward, Gr ? slanting.] [Written also oblike.] 1. Not erect or perpendicular; neither parallel to, nor at right angles from, the base; slanting; inclined. It has a direction oblique to that of the former motion. --Cheyne. 2. Not straightforward; indirect; obscure; hence, disingenuous; underhand; perverse; sinister. The love we bear our friends . . . Hath in it certain oblique ends. --Drayton. This mode of oblique research, when a more direct one is denied, we find to be the only one in our power. --De Quincey. Then would be closed the restless, oblique eye. That looks for evil, like a treacherous spy. --Wordworth. 3. Not direct in descent; not following the line of father and son; collateral. His natural affection in a direct line was strong, in an oblique but weak. --Baker. Oblique angle, Oblique ascension, etc. See under Angle,Ascension, etc. Oblique arch (Arch.), an arch whose jambs are not at right angles with the face, and whose intrados is in consequence askew. Oblique bridge, a skew bridge. See under Bridge, n. Oblique case (Gram.), any case except the nominative. See Case, n. Oblique circle (Projection), a circle whose plane is oblique to the axis of the primitive plane. Oblique fire (Mil.), a fire the direction of which is not perpendicular to the line fired at. Oblique flank (Fort.), that part of the curtain whence the fire of the opposite bastion may be discovered. --Wilhelm. Oblique leaf. (Bot.) (a) A leaf twisted or inclined from the normal position. (b) A leaf having one half different from the other. Oblique line (Geom.), a line that, meeting or tending to meet another, makes oblique angles with it. Oblique motion (Mus.), a kind of motion or progression in which one part ascends or descends, while the other prolongs or repeats the same tone, as in the accompanying example.

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