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Calcimine Cal"ci*mine, v. t. [imp. &p. p. Calcimined; p. pr. & vb. n. Calcimining.] To wash or cover with calcimine; as, to calcimine walls.
Countermine Coun`ter*mine" (koun`t[~e]r*m[imac]n"), v. t. [Cf. F. contreminer.] [imp. & p. p. Countermined; p. pr. & vb. n. Countermining.] 1. (Mil.) To oppose by means of a countermine; to intercept with a countermine. 2. To frustrate or counteract by secret measures.
Cross-examine Cross"-ex*am"ine (-?m"?n), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Cross-examined (-?nd); p. pr. & vb. n. Cross-examining.] (Law) To examine or question, as a witness who has been called and examined by the opposite party. ``The opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses.' --Kent.
Examining Ex*am"in*ing, a. Having power to examine; appointed to examine; as, an examining committee.
Examine Ex*am"ine, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Examined; p. pr. & vb. n. Examining.] [L. examinare, examinatum, fr. examen, examinis: cf. F. examiner. See Examen.] 1. To test by any appropriate method; to inspect carefully with a view to discover the real character or state of; to subject to inquiry or inspection of particulars for the purpose of obtaining a fuller insight into the subject of examination, as a material substance, a fact, a reason, a cause, the truth of a statement; to inquire or search into; to explore; as, to examine a mineral; to examine a ship to know whether she is seaworthy; to examine a proposition, theory, or question. Examine well your own thoughts. --Chaucer. Examine their counsels and their cares. --Shak. 2. To interrogate as in a judicial proceeding; to try or test by question; as, to examine a witness in order to elicit testimony, a student to test his qualifications, a bankrupt touching the state of his property, etc. The offenders that are to be examined. --Shak. Syn: To discuss; debate; scrutinize; search into; investigate; explore. See Discuss.
Feminine Fem"i*nine, n. 1. A woman. [Obs. or Colloq.] They guide the feminines toward the palace. --Hakluyt. 2. (Gram.) Any one of those words which are the appellations of females, or which have the terminations usually found in such words; as, actress, songstress, abbess, executrix. There are but few true feminines in English. --Latham.
Feminine rhyme
Feminine rhyme Feminine rhyme (Pros.) See Female rhyme, under Female, a. Syn: See Female, a.
Femininely Fem"i*nine*ly, adv. In a feminine manner. --Byron.
Feminineness Fem"i*nine*ness, n. The quality of being feminine; womanliness; womanishness.
Femininity Fem`i*nin"i*ty, n. 1. The quality or nature of the female sex; womanliness. 2. The female form. [Obs.] O serpent under femininitee. --Chaucer.
Hydraulic mining
Hydraulic Hy*drau"lic, a. [F. hydraulique, L. hydraulicus, fr. Gr. ?, ?, a water organ; "y`dwr water + ? flute, pipe. See Hydra.] Of or pertaining to hydraulics, or to fluids in motion; conveying, or acting by, water; as, an hydraulic clock, crane, or dock. Hydraulic accumulator, an accumulator for hydraulic machinery of any kind. See Accumulator, 2. Hydraulic brake, a cataract. See Cataract, 3. Hydraulic cement, a cement or mortar made of hydraulic lime, which will harden under water. Hydraulic elevator, a lift operated by the weight or pressure of water. Hydraulic jack. See under Jack. Hydraulic lime, quicklime obtained from hydraulic limestone, and used for cementing under water, etc. Hydraulic limestone, a limestone which contains some clay, and which yields a quicklime that will set, or form a firm, strong mass, under water. Hydraulic main (Gas Works), a horizontal pipe containing water at the bottom into which the ends of the pipes from the retorts dip, for passing the gas through water in order to remove ammonia. Hydraulic mining, a system of mining in which the force of a jet of water is used to wash down a bank of gold-bearing gravel or earth. [Pacific Coast] Hydraulic press, a hydrostatic press. See under Hydrostatic. Hydraulic propeller, a device for propelling ships by means of a stream of water ejected under water rearward from the ship. Hydraulic ram, a machine for raising water by means of the energy of the moving water of which a portion is to be raised. When the rush of water through the main pipe d shuts the valve at a, the momentum of the current thus suddenly checked forces part of it into the air chamber b, and up the pipe c, its return being prevented by a valve at the entrance to the air chamber, while the dropping of the valve a by its own weight allows another rush through the main pipe, and so on alternately. Hydraulic valve. (Mach.) (a) A valve for regulating the distribution of water in the cylinders of hydraulic elevators, cranes, etc. (b) (Gas Works) An inverted cup with a partition dipping into water, for opening or closing communication between two gas mains, the open ends of which protrude about the water.
Mine Mine, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mined; p. pr. & vb. n. Mining.] 1. To dig away, or otherwise remove, the substratum or foundation of; to lay a mine under; to sap; to undermine; hence, to ruin or destroy by slow degrees or secret means. They mined the walls. --Hayward. Too lazy to cut down these immense trees, the spoilers . . . had mined them, and placed a quantity of gunpowder in the cavity. --Sir W. Scott. 2. To dig into, for ore or metal. Lead veins have been traced . . . but they have not been mined. --Ure. 3. To get, as metals, out of the earth by digging. The principal ore mined there is the bituminous cinnabar. --Ure.
Mining Min"ing, n. [See Mine, v. i.] The act or business of making mines or of working them.
Mining Min"ing, a. Of or pertaining to mines; as, mining engineer; mining machinery; a mining region. Mining engineering. See the Note under Engineering.
Mining engineering
Mining Min"ing, a. Of or pertaining to mines; as, mining engineer; mining machinery; a mining region. Mining engineering. See the Note under Engineering.
Mining engineering
Engineering En`gi*neer"ing, n. Originally, the art of managing engines; in its modern and extended sense, the art and science by which the mechanical properties of matter are made useful to man in structures and machines; the occupation and work of an engineer. Note: In a comprehensive sense, engineering includes architecture as a mechanical art, in distinction from architecture as a fine art. It was formerly divided into military engineering, which is the art of designing and constructing offensive and defensive works, and civil engineering, in a broad sense, as relating to other kinds of public works, machinery, etc. Civil engineering, in modern usage, is strictly the art of planning, laying out, and constructing fixed public works, such as railroads, highways, canals, aqueducts, water works, bridges, lighthouses, docks, embankments, breakwaters, dams, tunnels, etc. Mechanical engineering relates to machinery, such as steam engines, machine tools, mill work, etc. Mining engineering deals with the excavation and working of mines, and the extraction of metals from their ores, etc. Engineering is further divided into steam engineering, gas engineering, agricultural engineering, topographical engineering, electrical engineering, etc.
Preexamine Pre`["e]x*am"ine, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Pre["e]xamined; p. pr. & vb. n. Pre["e]xamining.] To examine beforehand.
Relumine Re*lu"mine (r?-l?"m?n), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Relumined (-m?nd); p. pr. & vb. n. Relumining.] [See Relume.] 1. To light anew; to rekindle. --Shak. 2. To illuminate again.
Self-determining Self`-de*ter"min*ing, a. Capable of self-determination; as, the self-determining power of will.

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- Minin may refer to: Minin (surname) Minin and Pozharsky (disambiguation) Russian cruiser Minin MV Kuzma Minin, Russian bulk carrier 8134 Minin, an asteroid...
- Mikhail Petrovich Minin (Russian: Михаил Петрович Минин; July 29, 1922 – January 10, 2008) was a Russian Soviet soldier who was the first to enter the...
- Kuzma (Kozma) Minin (Кузьма́ (Козьма́) Ми́нин; full name Kuzma Minich Zakhariev-Sukhoruky, Кузьма́ Ми́нич Заха́рьев Сухору́кий; died 1616) was a Russian...
- Leonid Efimovich Minin (/ˈmɪnɪn/; Ukrainian: Леонід Юхимович Мінін; born 14 December 1947) is an international arms trafficker. He was arrested on August...
- Minin (Russian: Минин) is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Minina. It may refer to Fyodor Minin, Russian Arctic explorer Kuzma...
- The Monument to Minin and Pozharsky (Russian: Па́мятник Ми́нину и Пожа́рскому) is a bronze statue designed by Ivan Martos and located on the Red Square...
- Fyodor Alekseyevich Minin (Russian: Федор Алексеевич Минин) (ca. 1709 - after 1742) was a Russian Arctic explorer. In 1730s, Minin parti****ted in the...
- Friedrich Schiller's unfinished play Demetrius The Monument to Minin and Pozharsky, in Red Square Minin and Pozharsky, a film by Vsevolod Pudovkin 1612, a 2007...
- from 1611 to 1612. Pozharsky formed the Second Volunteer Army with Kuzma Minin in Nizhny Novgorod against the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth's occupation...
- Muhammad's wives, or the wives of Muhammad, were the women married to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Muslims often use the term "Ummahat-ul-Momineen" meaning...