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Everich Ev"er*ich, Everych Ev"er*ych, a. [OE. see Every.] each one; every one; each of two. See Every. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
Everichon Ev`er*ich*on", Everychon Ev`er*ych*on", pron. [OE. everich + oon, on, one. See Every, and One.] Every one. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
Fehm Fehm, n., Fehmgericht Fehm"ge*richt`, n. Same as Vehm, Vehmgericht.
Perichaeth Per"i*ch[ae]th, n. [See Perich[ae]tium.] (Bot.) The leafy involucre surrounding the fruit stalk of mosses; perich[ae]tium; perichete.
Perichaetium Per`i*ch[ae]"ti*um, n.; pl. Perich[ae]tia. [NL., fr. Gr. ? about + ? flowing hair, foliage.] (Bot.) Same as Perich[ae]th.
Perichaetial Per`i*ch[ae]"ti*al, a. (Bot.) Of or pertaining to the perich[ae]th.
Perichaetium Per`i*ch[ae]"ti*um, n.; pl. Perich[ae]tia. [NL., fr. Gr. ? about + ? flowing hair, foliage.] (Bot.) Same as Perich[ae]th.
Perichaetous Per`i*ch[ae]"tous, a. [See Perich[ae]tium.] (Zo["o]l.) Surrounded by set[ae]; -- said of certain earthworms (genus Perich[ae]tus).
Perichete Per"i*chete, n. Same as Perich[ae]th.
Perichondrial Per`i*chon"dri*al, a. (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the perichondrium; situated around cartilage.
Perichondritis Per`i*chon*dri"tis, n. [NL. See Perichondrium, and -itis.] (Med.) Inflammation of the perichondrium.
Perichondrium Per`i*chon"dri*um, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ? around + ? cartilage.] (Anat.) The membrane of fibrous connective tissue which closely invests cartilage, except where covering articular surfaces.
Perichordal Per`i*chor"dal, a. Around the notochord; as, a perichordal column. See Epichordal.
Pterichthys Pte*rich"thys, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ? wing + ? fish.] (Paleon.) A genus of Devonian fossil fishes with winglike appendages. The head and most of the body were covered with large bony plates. See Placodermi.
Rose of Jericho
Rose de Pompadour, Rose du Barry, names succesively given to a delicate rose color used on S[`e]vres porcelain. Rose diamond, a diamond, one side of which is flat, and the other cut into twenty-four triangular facets in two ranges which form a convex face pointed at the top. Cf. Brilliant, n. Rose ear. See under Ear. Rose elder (Bot.), the Guelder-rose. Rose engine, a machine, or an appendage to a turning lathe, by which a surface or wood, metal, etc., is engraved with a variety of curved lines. --Craig. Rose family (Bot.) the Rosece[ae]. See Rosaceous. Rose fever (Med.), rose cold. Rose fly (Zo["o]l.), a rose betle, or rose chafer. Rose gall (Zo["o]l.), any gall found on rosebushes. See Bedeguar. Rose knot, a ribbon, or other pliade band plaited so as to resemble a rose; a rosette. Rose lake, Rose madder, a rich tint prepared from lac and madder precipitated on an earthy basis. --Fairholt. Rose mallow. (Bot.) (a) A name of several malvaceous plants of the genus Hibiscus, with large rose-colored flowers. (b) the hollyhock. Rose nail, a nail with a convex, faceted head. Rose noble, an ancient English gold coin, stamped with the figure of a rose, first struck in the reign of Edward III., and current at 6s. 8d. --Sir W. Scott. Rose of China. (Bot.) See China rose (b), under China. Rose of Jericho (Bot.), a Syrian cruciferous plant (Anastatica Hierochuntica) which rolls up when dry, and expands again when moistened; -- called also resurrection plant. Rose of Sharon (Bot.), an ornamental malvaceous shrub (Hibiscus Syriacus). In the Bible the name is used for some flower not yet identified, perhaps a Narcissus, or possibly the great lotus flower. Rose oil (Chem.), the yellow essential oil extracted from various species of rose blossoms, and forming the chief part of attar of roses. Rose pink, a pigment of a rose color, made by dyeing chalk or whiting with a decoction of Brazil wood and alum; also, the color of the pigment. Rose quartz (Min.), a variety of quartz which is rose-red. Rose rash. (Med.) Same as Roseola. Rose slug (Zo["o]l.), the small green larva of a black sawfly (Selandria ros[ae]). These larv[ae] feed in groups on the parenchyma of the leaves of rosebushes, and are often abundant and very destructive. Rose window (Arch.), a circular window filled with ornamental tracery. Called also Catherine wheel, and marigold window. Cf. wheel window, under Wheel. Summer rose (Med.), a variety of roseola. See Roseola. Under the rose [a translation of L. sub rosa], in secret; privately; in a manner that forbids disclosure; -- the rose being among the ancients the symbol of secrecy, and hung up at entertainments as a token that nothing there said was to be divulged. Wars of the Roses (Eng. Hist.), feuds between the Houses of York and Lancaster, the white rose being the badge of the House of York, and the red rose of the House of Lancaster.
Vehmgericht Vehm"ge*richt, n.; pl. Vehmgerichte. [G. vefm, fehm criminal tribunal + gerichte court, judgment. Cf. Vehmic.] A vehmic court.
Vehmgericht Vehm"ge*richt, n.; pl. Vehmgerichte. [G. vefm, fehm criminal tribunal + gerichte court, judgment. Cf. Vehmic.] A vehmic court.

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- The given name Eric, Erich, Erikk, Erik, Erick, or Eirik is derived from the Old Norse name Eiríkr [ˈɛiˌriːkz̠] (or Eríkr [ˈeˌriːkz̠] in Old East Norse...
- The Von Erich family is an American professional wrestling family. Originally from Texas, their actual surname is Adkisson, but every member who has been...
- Erich Maria Remarque (/rəˈmɑːrk/, German: [ˈeːʁɪç maˈʁiːa ʁəˈmaʁk] (listen); born Erich Paul Remark; 22 June 1898 – 25 September 1970) was a German-born...
- wrestler, better known by the ring name David Von Erich. A member of the Von Erich Family, Von Erich is best known for his appearances with World class...
- Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff (9 April 1865 – 20 December 1937) was a German general, politician and military theorist. He achieved fame during World...
- wrestler, better known by his ring name, Kevin Von Erich. A member of the Von Erich family, Von Erich is best known for his appearances with his father's...
- Erich Seligmann Fromm (/frɒm/; German: [fʁɔm]; March 23, 1900 – March 18, 1980) was a German social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist, humanistic...
- better known by his ring name Kerry Von Erich, was an American professional wrestler. He was part of the Von Erich family of professional wrestlers. He is...
- Erich Ernst Paul Honecker (German: [ˈeːʁɪç ˈhɔnɛkɐ]; 25 August 1912 – 29 May 1994) was a German communist politician who led the German Democratic Republic...
- Erich Alfred Hartmann (19 April 1922 – 20 September 1993) was a German fighter pilot during World War II and the most successful fighter ace in the history...