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Definition of thresholds

Threshold Thresh"old, n. [OE. threswold, [thorn]reshwold, AS. [thorn]rescwald, [thorn]erscwald, [thorn]erscold, [thorn]rescold, fr. [thorn]rescan, [thorn]erscan, to thresh; akin to Icel. [thorn]reskj["o]de, [thorn]r["o]skuldr, Sw. tr["o]skel, Dan. t[ae]rskel. See Thrash.] 1. The plank, stone, or piece of timber, which lies under a door, especially of a dwelling house, church, temple, or the like; the doorsill; hence, entrance; gate; door. 2. Fig.: The place or point of entering or beginning, entrance; outset; as, the threshold of life.

Meaning of threshold from wikipedia

- threshold may refer to: the sill of a door. threshold (1981 film) threshold (2003 film), an adaptation of the 1958 science fiction film it! the terror
- a threshold is the sill of a door. some cultures attach special symbolism to a threshold. the etymology of the word is uncertain but the first element
- the threshold of originality is a concept in anglo-american-based copyright law systems that is used to ****ess whether a particular work can be copyrighted
- the income tax threshold is the income level at which a person begins paying income taxes. the income tax threshold equates to the: personal allowance
- threshold is a 1990 novel by chris morris and janet morris. it is the first book of its namesake trilogy. in a ****uristic world, earth is now a preserve
- the threshold houseboys choir was a musical guise for peter christopherson, announced in 2005 as a follow up endeavor to his former group coil. despite
- a threshold effect is a sudden and radical change in a phenomenon which often occurs after surp****ing a quantitative limit, called the threshold. it may
- detection threshold is the lowest concentration of a certain odor compound that is perceivable by the human sense of smell. the threshold of a chemical