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Definition of tension

Vapor pressure Vapor pressure or tension ension . (Physics) The pressure or tension of a confined body of vapor. The pressure of a given saturated vapor is a function of the temperature only, and may be measured by introducing a small quantity of the substance into a barometer and noting the depression of the column of mercury.
Tension Ten"sion, n. [L. tensio, from tendere, tensum, to stretch: cf. F. tension. See Tense, a.] 1. The act of stretching or straining; the state of being stretched or strained to stiffness; the state of being bent strained; as, the tension of the muscles, tension of the larynx. 2. Fig.: Extreme strain of mind or excitement of feeling; intense effort. 3. The degree of stretching to which a wire, cord, piece of timber, or the like, is strained by drawing it in the direction of its length; strain. --Gwilt. 4. (Mech.) The force by which a part is pulled when forming part of any system in equilibrium or in motion; as, the tension of a srting supporting a weight equals that weight. 5. A device for checking the delivery of the thread in a sewing machine, so as to give the stitch the required degree of tightness. 6. (Physics) Expansive force; the force with which the particles of a body, as a gas, tend to recede from each other and occupy a larger space; elastic force; elasticity; as, the tension of vapor; the tension of air. 7. (Elec.) The quality in consequence of which an electric charge tends to discharge itself, as into the air by a spark, or to pass from a body of greater to one of less electrical potential. It varies as the quantity of electricity upon a given area. Tension brace, or Tension member (Engin.), a brace or member designed to resist tension, or subjected to tension, in a structure. Tension rod (Engin.), an iron rod used as a tension member to strengthen timber or metal framework, roofs, or the like.

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- tension may refer to: tension (physics), a force related to the stretching of an object (the opposite of compression) tension (geology), a stress which
- media surface tension is the elastic tendency of a fluid surface which makes it acquire the least surface area possible. surface tension allows insects
- tension headache, also known as tension-type headache, is the most common type of primary headache. the pain can radiate from the lower back of the head
- in physics, tension describes the pulling force exerted by each end of a string, cable, chain, or similar one-dimensional continuous object, or by each
- a tension band wire is a form of orthopaedic internal fixation method used to convert distraction forces into compression forces, promoting bone healing
- the most common gas tensions measured are oxygen tension (pxo2), the carbon dioxide tension (pxco2) and carbon monoxide tension (pxco). the subscript
- high tension may refer to: high voltage high tension, or b battery supply to a traditional vacuum tube circuit, see ht (vacuum tube) high tension, the
- 'so here we are'/'positive tension' is a double a-side single by bloc party from their debut album silent alarm. it was released in the uk by wichita
- about the band. for the self-titled album, see liquid tension experiment (album). liquid tension experiment (lte) was an instrumental progressive metal