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Necessitarianism Ne*ces`si*ta"ri*an*ism, n. The doctrine of philosophical necessity; the doctrine that results follow by invariable sequence from causes, and esp. that the will is not free, but that human actions and choices result inevitably from motives; deteminism. --M. Arnold.
Sabbatarianism Sab`ba*ta"ri*an*ism, n. The tenets of Sabbatarians. --Bp. Ward (1673).
Sectarianism Sec*ta"ri*an*ism, n. The quality or character of a sectarian; devotion to the interests of a party; excess of partisan or denominational zeal; adherence to a separate church organization.
Tractarianism Trac*ta"ri*an*ism, n. (Ch. of England) The principles of the Tractarians, or of those persons accepting the teachings of the ``Tracts for the Times.'
Trinitarianism Trin`i*ta"ri*an*ism, n. The doctrine of the Trinity; the doctrine that there are three distinct persons in the Godhead.
Uniformitarianism U`ni*form`i*ta"ri*an*ism, n. (Geol.) The uniformitarian doctrine.
Unitarianism U`ni*ta"ri*an*ism, n. [Cf. F. unitairianisme.] The doctrines of Unitarians.
Utilitarianism U*til`i*ta"ri*an*ism, n. 1. The doctrine that the greatest happiness of the greatest number should be the end and aim of all social and political institutions. --Bentham. 2. The doctrine that virtue is founded in utility, or that virtue is defined and enforced by its tendency to promote the highest happiness of the universe. --J. S. Mill. 3. The doctrine that utility is the sole standard of morality, so that the rectitude of an action is determined by its usefulness.
Vegetarianism Veg`e*ta"ri*an*ism, n. The theory or practice of living upon vegetables and fruits.

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