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Definition of subscription

Subscription Sub*scrip"tion, n. [L. subscriptio: cf. F. souscription.] 1. The act of subscribing. 2. That which is subscribed. Specifically: (a) A paper to which a signature is attached. (b) The signature attached to a paper. (c) Consent or attestation by underwriting the name. (d) Sum subscribed; amount of sums subscribed; as, an individual subscription to a fund. 3. (Eccl.) The acceptance of articles, or other tests tending to promote uniformity; esp. (Ch. of Eng.), formal assent to the Thirty-nine Articles and the Book of Common Prayer, required before ordination. 4. Submission; obedience. [Obs.] You owe me no subscription. --Shak. 5. (Pharm.) That part of a prescription which contains the direction to the apothecary.

Meaning of subscription from wikipedia

- the subscription business model is a business model where a customer must pay a subscription price to have access to the product/service.
- pay television, premium television, or premium channels refer to subscription -based television services, usually provided by both analog
- a subscription library (also membership library or independent library) is a library that is financed by private funds either from
- subscription television in australia consists of the dominant provider foxtel offering nearly all australian channels via cable and
- subscription refers to the process of investors signing up and committing to invest in a financial instrument, before the actual closing of
- the great subscription purses were a series of flat horse races in great britain run at york racecourse , usually over a distance of 4
- a paywall is a system that prevents internet users from accessing webpage content without a paid subscription there are both 'hard' and '
- continuous subscription service is an open-ended subscription business model for magazines and other periodicals . regards the
- the annapolis subscription plate is the name given both to the first recorded formal horse race in colonial maryland and to the silver
- preview was an american subscription television service that launched in 1980 like its competitors, such as ontv and selectv , preview