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Definition of ruins

Ruin Ru"in, n. [OE. ruine, F. ruine, fr. L. ruina, fr. ruere, rutum, to fall with violence, to rush or tumble down.] 1. The act of falling or tumbling down; fall. [Obs.] ``His ruin startled the other steeds.' --Chapman. 2. Such a change of anything as destroys it, or entirely defeats its object, or unfits it for use; destruction; overthrow; as, the ruin of a ship or an army; the ruin of a constitution or a government; the ruin of health or hopes. ``Ruin seize thee, ruthless king!' --Gray. 3. That which is fallen down and become worthless from injury or decay; as, his mind is a ruin; especially, in the plural, the remains of a destroyed, dilapidated, or desolate house, fortress, city, or the like. The Veian and the Gabian towers shall fall, And one promiscuous ruin cover all; Nor, after length of years, a stone betray The place where once the very ruins lay. --Addison. The labor of a day will not build up a virtuous habit on the ruins of an old and vicious character. --Buckminster. 4. The state of being dcayed, or of having become ruined or worthless; as, to be in ruins; to go to ruin. 5. That which promotes injury, decay, or destruction. The errors of young men are the ruin of business. --Bacon. Syn: Destruction; downfall; perdition; fall; overthrow; subversion; defeat; bane; pest; mischief.

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