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Pneumato- Pneu"ma*to- (n[=u]"m[.a]*t[-o]- or n[-u]*m[a^]t"[-o]-). A combining form from Gr. pney^ma, pney`matos, wind, air, breath, respiration; as, pneumatograph, pneumatology. [1913 Webster]
Pneumatocele Pneu*mat"o*cele, n. [Pneumato- + Gr. ? a tumor; cf. F. pneumatoc[`e]le.] (Med.) A distention of the scrotum by air; also, hernia of the lungs.
Pneumatocyst Pneu*mat"o*cyst, n. [Pneumato- + cyst.] (Zo["o]l.) A cyst or sac of a siphonophore, containing air, and serving as a float, as in Physalia.
Pneumatogarm Pneu*mat"o*garm, n. [Pneumato- + -gram.] (Physiol.) A tracing of the respiratory movements, obtained by a pneumatograph or stethograph.
Pneumatograph Pneu*mat"o*graph, n. [Pneumato- + -graph.] (Physiol.) An instrument for recording the movements of the thorax or chest wall during respiration; -- also called stethograph.
Pneumatological Pneu`ma*to*log"ic*al, a. [Cf. F. pneumatologique.] Of or pertaining to pneumatology.
Pneumatologist Pneu`ma*tol"o*gist, n. [Cf. F. pneumatologiste.] One versed in pneumatology.
Pneumatology Pneu`ma*tol"o*gy, n. [Pneumato- + -logy: cf. F. pneumatologie.] 1. The doctrine of, or a treatise on, air and other elastic fluids. See Pneumatics, 1. 2. (Philos. & Theol.) The science of spiritual being or phenomena of any description.
Pneumatometer Pneu`ma*tom"e*ter, n. [Pneumato- + -meter.] (Physiol.) An instrument for measuring the amount of force exerted by the lungs in respiration.
Pneumatometry Pneu`ma*tom"e*try, n. See Spirometry.
Pneumonophora Pneu`mo*noph"o*ra, n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. ? a lung + ? to bear.] (Zo["o]l.) The division of Siphonophora which includes the Physalia and allied genera; -- called also Pneumatophor[ae].
Pneumatophore Pneu*mat"o*phore, n. [Pneumato- + Gr. ? to bear.] (Zo["o]l.) One of the Pneumonophora.
Pneumatothorax Pneu`ma*to*tho"rax, n. [Pneumato- + thorax.] (Med.) See Pneumothorax.
Pneumothorax Pneu`mo*tho"rax, n. [Gr. ? air + E. thorax.] (Med.) A condition in which air or other gas is present in the cavity of the chest; -- called also pneumatothorax.

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