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Definition of limpet

Limpet Lim"pet (l[i^]m"p[e^]t), n. [Prob. through French fr. L. lepas, -adis, Gr. lepa`s, -a`dos.] (Zo["o]l.) 1. In a general sense, any hatshaped, or conical, gastropod shell. 2. Any one of many species of marine shellfish of the order Docoglossa, mostly found adhering to rocks, between tides. Note: The common European limpets of the genus Patella (esp. P. vulgata) are extensively used as food. The common New England species is Acm[ae]a testudinalis. Numerous species of limpets occur on the Pacific coast of America, some of them of large size. 3. Any species of Siphonaria, a genus of limpet-shaped Pulmonifera, living between tides, on rocks. 4. A keyhole limpet. See Fissurella.

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- limpet is a common name applied to aquatic snail s with s**** broadly conical in shape, rather like the familiar conical asian hat .
- patellogastropoda, common name true limpet s and historically called docoglossa, is a major phylogenetic group of marine gastropod s,
- a limpet mine is a type of naval mine attached to a target by magnet s. superficial similarity to the limpet , a type of sea snail that
- islay limpet is the world’s first commercial wave power device connected to the united kingdom 's national grid . following the
- fissurellidae, common name the keyhole limpets and slit limpets, is a taxonomic family of limpet -like sea snail s, marine gastropod
- limpet is a 1964 american live-action/animated adventure film from warner bros. it is about a man named henry limpet who turns into a
- the eelgr**** limpet , also known as the bowl limpet, scientific name †lottia alveus, was a species of sea snail or small limpet , a
- lottia gigantea, common name the owl limpet, giant owl limpet or solitary giant owl limpet, is a species of sea snail , a true limpet , a