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Definition of lemur

Lemur Le"mur (l[=e]"m[u^]r), n. [L., a ghost, specter. So called on account of its habit of going abroad by night.] (Zo["o]l.) One of a family (Lemurid[ae]) of nocturnal mammals allied to the monkeys, but of small size, and having a sharp and foxlike muzzle, and large eyes. They feed upon birds, insects, and fruit, and are mostly natives of Madagascar and the neighboring islands, one genus (Galago) occurring in Africa. The slow lemur or kukang of the East Indies is Nycticebus tardigradus. See Galago, Indris, and Colugo.

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- 'lemurs of madagascar' redirects here. for the book, see lemurs of madagascar (book). for other uses, see lemur (disambiguation). lemurs (i/ˈliːmər/
- the ring-tailed lemur (lemur catta) is a large strepsirrhine primate and the most recognized lemur due to its long, black and white ringed tail. it belongs
- the gray mouse lemur (microcebus murinus), grey mouse lemur or lesser mouse lemur, is a small lemur, a type of strepsirrhine primate, found only on the
- small-toothed sportive lemur (lepilemur microdon), or small-toothed weasel lemur, is a primate species in the family lepilemuridae that—like all lemurs—is endemic
- the collared brown lemur (eulemur collaris), also known as the red-collared brown lemur or red-collared lemur, is a medium-sized strepsirrhine primate
- ruffed lemurs of the genus varecia are strepsirrhine primates and the largest extant lemurs within the family lemuridae. like all living lemurs, they are
- giant mouse lemur (mirza coquereli) , also known as coquerel's dwarf lemur or the southern giant mouse lemur, is a small nocturnal lemur endemic to madagascar
- the golden-brown mouse lemur (microcebus ravelobensis), also known as the lac ravelobe mouse lemur or the ravelobe mouse lemur, is part of the family