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Definition of infinitive

Infinitive In*fin"i*tive, n. [L. infinitivus: cf. F. infinitif. See Infinite.] Unlimited; not bounded or restricted; undefined. Infinitive mood (Gram.), that form of the verb which merely names the action, and performs the office of a verbal noun. Some grammarians make two forms in English: (a) The simple form, as, speak, go, hear, before which to is commonly placed, as, to speak; to go; to hear. (b) The form of the imperfect participle, called the infinitive in -ing; as, going is as easy as standing. Note: With the auxiliary verbs may, can, must, might, could, would, and should, the simple infinitive is expressed without to; as, you may speak; they must hear, etc. The infinitive usually omits to with the verbs let, dare, do, bid, make, see, hear, need, etc.; as, let me go; you dare not tell; make him work; hear him talk, etc. Note: In Anglo-Saxon, the simple infinitive was not preceded by to (the sign of modern simple infinitive), but it had a dative form (sometimes called the gerundial infinitive) which was preceded by to, and was chiefly employed in expressing purpose. See Gerund, 2. Note: The gerundial ending (-anne) not only took the same form as the simple infinitive (-an), but it was confounded with the present participle in -ende, or -inde (later -inge).
Infinitive In*fin"i*tive, n. (Gram.) An infinitive form of the verb; a verb in the infinitive mood; the infinitive mood.
Infinitive In*fin"i*tive, adv. (Gram.) In the manner of an infinitive mood.

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- infinitive is a grammatical term used to refer to certain verb forms that exist in many languages. as with many linguistic concepts, there is not a single
- language, a split infinitive or cleft infinitive is a grammatical construction in which a word or phrase divides the to and the bare infinitive of the to form
- in grammar, accusative and infinitive is the name for a syntactic construction of latin and gr****, also found in various forms in other languages such
- (infinitive sessions) is the fourth studio album by the italian experimental rock band star****ers, released in 2002. blues off drive on off blues eternal
- clause by another verb. this second subordinated verb can be in either the infinitive (both full and bare) or gerund forms. an example appears in the sentence
- (a) the articular infinitive (infinitive with the article) and (b) the infinitive without the article. a). the articular infinitive often corresponds
- to the infinitive. as applied to hebrew, it refers either to the verb's action noun, or to the part of the infinitive following the infinitival prefix
- congratulate and to sleep'. the second usage is in the ****ure p****ive infinitive, for example 'amatum iri' means 'to be about to be loved'. it mostly appears