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Definition of huckle bone

huckle bone
Hip Hip, n. [OE. hipe, huppe, AS. hype; akin to D. heup, OHG. huf, G. h["u]fte, Dan. hofte, Sw. h["o]ft, Goth. hups; cf. Icel. huppr, and also Gr. ? the hollow above the hips of cattle, and Lith. kumpis ham.] 1. The projecting region of the lateral parts of one side of the pelvis and the hip joint; the haunch; the huckle. 2. (Arch.) The external angle formed by the meeting of two sloping sides or skirts of a roof, which have their wall plates running in different directions. 3. (Engin) In a bridge truss, the place where an inclined end post meets the top chord. --Waddell. Hip bone (Anat.), the innominate bone; -- called also haunch bone and huckle bone. Hip girdle (Anat.), the pelvic girdle. Hip joint (Anat.), the articulation between the thigh bone and hip bone. Hip knob (Arch.), a finial, ball, or other ornament at the intersection of the hip rafters and the ridge. Hip molding (Arch.), a molding on the hip of a roof, covering the hip joint of the slating or other roofing. Hip rafter (Arch.), the rafter extending from the wall plate to the ridge in the angle of a hip roof. Hip roof, Hipped roof (Arch.), a roof having sloping ends and sloping sides. See Hip, n., 2., and Hip, v. t., 3. Hip tile, a tile made to cover the hip of a roof. To catch upon the hip, or To have on the hip, to have or get the advantage of; -- a figure probably derived from wresting. --Shak. To smite hip and thigh, to overthrow completely; to defeat utterly. --Judg. xv. 8.
Huckle bone
Huckle Huc"kle, n. [Perh. dim. of Prov. E. hucka hook, and so named from its round shape. See Hook.] 1. The hip; the haunch. 2. A bunch or part projecting like the hip. Huckle bone. (a) The hip bone; the innominate bone. (b) A small bone of the ankle; astragalus. [R.] --Udall.

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