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Definition of hosted

Host Host, n. (Biol.) Any animal or plant affording lodgment or subsistence to a parasitic or commensal organism. Thus a tree is a host of an air plant growing upon it.
Host Host (h[=o]st), n. [LL. hostia sacrifice, victim, from hostire to strike.] (R. C. Ch.) The consecrated wafer, believed to be the body of Christ, which in the Mass is offered as a sacrifice; also, the bread before consecration. Note: In the Latin Vulgate the word was applied to the Savior as being an offering for the sins of men.
Host Host, n. [OE. host, ost, OF. host, ost, fr. L. hostis enemy, LL., army. See Guest, and cf. Host a landlord.] 1. An army; a number of men gathered for war. A host so great as covered all the field. --Dryden. 2. Any great number or multitude; a throng. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God. --Luke ii. 13. All at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils. --Wordsworth.
Host Host, n. [OE. host, ost, OF. hoste, oste, F. h[^o]te, from L. hospes a stranger who is treated as a guest, he who treats another as his guest, a hostl prob. fr. hostis stranger, enemy (akin to E. guest a visitor) + potis able; akin to Skr. pati master, lord. See Host an army, Possible, and cf. Hospitable, Hotel.] One who receives or entertains another, whether gratuitously or for compensation; one from whom another receives food, lodging, or entertainment; a landlord. --Chaucer. ``Fair host and Earl.' --Tennyson. Time is like a fashionable host, That slightly shakes his parting guest by the hand. --Shak.
Host Host, v. t. To give entertainment to. [Obs.] --Spenser.
Host Host, v. i. To lodge at an inn; to take up entertainment. [Obs.] ``Where you shall host.' --Shak.

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- host (masculine) and hostess (feminine) most often refer to a person responsible for guests at an event and/or providing hospitality
- h.o.s.t. was the influential azerbaijani hip hop group, based in baku the group's name deprives from abbreviature letters of cl****ical
- in biology , a host is an organism that harbors a parasite , or a mutual or commensal symbiont , typically providing nourishment and
- a presenter, host, or hostess, is a person or organization responsible for the running of a public event. presenter or host of an exhibit .
- epiphytes may indirectly harm their host plant by intercepting mineral nutrients and light that the host would otherwise receive.
- a television presenter is a person who introduces or hosts television program s. nowadays it is common for minor celebrities in other
- is a non-mutual symbiotic relationship between species , where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host .
- these formed the basis of the fractured labour-political spectrum that would generate a host of fringe leftist and rightist parties,
- a web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible
- a usb host may implement multiple host controllers and each host controller may provide one or more usb ports. to a single host controller