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Definition of geography

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Anthropogeography An`thro*po*ge*og"ra*phy, n. [Gr. ? man + geography.] The science of the human species as to geographical distribution and environment. Broadly, it includes industrial, commercial, and political geography, and that part of ethnology which deals with distribution and physical environment. -- An`thro*po*ge*og"ra*pher, n. -- An`thro*po*ge`o*graph"ic*al, a.
Biogeography Bi`o*ge*og"ra*phy, n. [Gr. bi`os life + E. geography.] The branch of biology which deals with the geographical distribution of animals and plants. It includes both zo["o]geography and phytogeography. -- Bi`o*ge`o*graph"ic, a. -- Bi`o*ge`o*graph"ic*al*ly, adv.
Physical geography
Physical Phys"ic*al, a. 1. Of or pertaining to nature (as including all created existences); in accordance with the laws of nature; also, of or relating to natural or material things, or to the bodily structure, as opposed to things mental, moral, spiritual, or imaginary; material; natural; as, armies and navies are the physical force of a nation; the body is the physical part of man. Labor, in the physical world, is . . . employed in putting objects in motion. --J. S. Mill. A society sunk in ignorance, and ruled by mere physical force. --Macaulay. 2. Of or pertaining to physics, or natural philosophy; treating of, or relating to, the causes and connections of natural phenomena; as, physical science; physical laws. ``Physical philosophy.' --Pope. 3. Perceptible through a bodily or material organization; cognizable by the senses; external; as, the physical, opposed to chemical, characters of a mineral. 4. Of or pertaining to physic, or the art of medicine; medicinal; curative; healing; also, cathartic; purgative. [Obs.] ``Physical herbs.' --Sir T. North. Is Brutus sick? and is it physical To walk unbraced, and suck up the humors Of the dank morning? --Shak. Physical astronomy, that part of astronomy which treats of the causes of the celestial motions; specifically, that which treats of the motions resulting from universal gravitation. Physical education, training of the bodily organs and powers with a view to the promotion of health and vigor. Physical examination (Med.), an examination of the bodily condition of a person. Physical geography. See under Geography. Physical point, an indefinitely small portion of matter; a point conceived as being without extension, yet having physical properties, as weight, inertia, momentum, etc.; a material point. Physical signs (Med.), the objective signs of the bodily state afforded by a physical examination.
Phytogeography Phy`to*ge*og"ra*phy, n. [Phyto- + geography.] The geographical distribution of plants.
Zoogeography o`["o]*ge*og"ra*phy, n. [Zo["o]- + geography.] The study or description of the geographical distribution of animals.

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- 'geographical' redirects here. for other uses, see geography (disambiguation). geography (from gr**** γεωγραφία, geographia, literally 'earth description')
- see also: index of geography articles the following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to geography: geographystudy of earth and
- integrated geography (also, integrative geography, environmental geography or human–environment geography) is the branch of geography that describes and
- critical geography takes a critical theory (frankfurt school) approach to the study and analysis of geography. the development of critical geography can be
- the history of geography includes many histories of geography which have differed over time and between different cultural and political groups. in more
- for the journal, see economic geography (journal). economic geography is the study of the location, distribution and spatial organization of economic
- for the high school advanced placement course, see ap human geography. human geography is the branch of the social sciences that deals with the study of
- physical geography (also known as geosystems or physiography) is one of the two major sub-fields of geography. physical geography is that branch