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Definition of feeding

Feed Feed, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Fed; p. pr. & vb. n. Feeding.] [AS. f?dan, fr. f?da food; akin to C?. f?dian, OFries f?da, f?da, D. voeden, OHG. fuottan, Icel. f[ae]?a, Sw. f["o]da, Dan. f["o]de. ? 75. See Food.] 1. To give food to; to supply with nourishment; to satisfy the physical huger of. If thine enemy hunger, feed him. --Rom. xii. 20. Unreasonable reatures feed their young. --Shak. 2. To satisfy; grafity or minister to, as any sense, talent, taste, or desire. I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him. --Shak. Feeding him with the hope of liberty. --Knolles. 3. To fill the wants of; to supply with that which is used or wasted; as, springs feed ponds; the hopper feeds the mill; to feed a furnace with coal. 4. To nourish, in a general sense; to foster, strengthen, develop, and guard. Thou shalt feed people Israel. --2 Sam. v. 2. Mightiest powers by deepest calms are feed. --B. Cornwall. 5. To graze; to cause to be cropped by feeding, as herbage by cattle; as, if grain is too forward in autumn, feed it with sheep. Once in three years feed your mowing lands. --Mortimer. 6. To give for food, especially to animals; to furnish for consumption; as, to feed out turnips to the cows; to feed water to a steam boiler. 7. (Mach.) (a) To supply (the material to be operated upon) to a machine; as, to feed paper to a printing press. (b) To produce progressive operation upon or with (as in wood and metal working machines, so that the work moves to the cutting tool, or the tool to the work).
Feeding Feed"ing, n. 1. the act of eating, or of supplying with food; the process of fattening. 2. That which is eaten; food. 3. That which furnishes or affords food, especially for animals; pasture land. Feeding bottle. See under Bottle.

Meaning of feeding from wikipedia

- in mice, mch stimulates feeding and a mutation causing the overproduction of mch led to overeating and obesity orexin plays a greater role
- breastfeeding is the feeding of an infant or young child with breast milk directly from female human breast s (i.e., via lactation )
- feeding is the process by which organisms, typically animal s, obtain food . the evolution of different feeding strategies is varied with
- a feeding tube is a medical device used to provide nutrition to patients who cannot obtain nutrition by mouth, are unable to swallow
- food webs exhibit principles of ecological emergence through the nature of trophic relationships: some species have many weak feeding links
- like woodboring beetle s, leaf miners are protected from many predator s and plant defenses by feeding within the tissues of the leaves
- filter feeders (a sub-group of suspension feeders) are animal s that feed by some animals that use this method of feeding are clam s,
- different cattle feeding production systems have separate advantages and disadvantages. most cattle have a diet that is composed of at
- many join mixed-species feeding flock s, and a few species are core members. the ants, and many others may feed in this way opportunistically.
- fodder or animal feed is any agricultural food stuff used specifically to feed grain compared with feeding the ungerminated grain to stock.