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Definition of barnacle

Barnacle Bar"na*cle, n. [See Bernicle.] A bernicle goose.
Barnacle Bar"na*cle, n. [Prob. from E. barnacle a kind of goose, which was popularly supposed to grow from this shellfish; but perh. from LL. bernacula for pernacula, dim. of perna ham, sea mussel; cf. Gr. ? ham Cf. F. bernacle, barnacle, E. barnacle a goose; and Ir. bairneach, barneach, limpet.] (Zo["o]l.) Any cirriped crustacean adhering to rocks, floating timber, ships, etc., esp. (a) the sessile species (genus Balanus and allies), and (b) the stalked or goose barnacles (genus Lepas and allies). See Cirripedia, and Goose barnacle. Barnacle eater (Zo["o]l.), the orange filefish. Barnacle scale (Zo["o]l.), a bark louse (Ceroplastes cirripediformis) of the orange and quince trees in Florida. The female scale curiously resembles a sessile barnacle in form.
Bernicle Ber"ni*cle, n. [OE. bernak, bernacle; cf. OF. bernac; prob. fr. LL. bernacula for hibernicula, bernicula, fr. Hibernia; the birds coming from Hibernia or Ireland. Cf. 1st Barnacle.] A bernicle goose. [Written also barnacle.] Bernicle goose (Zo["o]l.), a goose (Branta leucopsis), of Arctic Europe and America. It was formerly believed that it hatched from the cirripeds of the sea (Lepas), which were, therefore, called barnacles, goose barnacles, or Anatifers. The name is also applied to other related species. See Anatifa and Cirripedia.

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- a barnacle is a type of arthropod constituting the infracl**** cirripedia in the subphylum crustacea , and is hence related to crab s and
- the barnacle goose (branta leucopsis) belongs to the genus branta of black geese , which contains species with largely black plumage ,
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- gary barnacle (born 1959,gregory , 2002 dover , england ) is an english saxophonist , flautist , br**** instrument arranger , composer
- goose barnacles (order pedunculata), also called stalked barnacles or gooseneck barnacles, are filter-feeding crustacean s that live
- sessilia is an order of barnacle s, comprising the barnacles without stalks, or acorn barnacles. from stalked barnacles the order is
- nora barnacle (march 1884 – april 10, 1951) was the muse and wife of author james joyce . early life: nora barnacle was born in the city of
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