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Definition of annum

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Annumerate An*nu"mer*ate, v. t. [L. annumeratus, p. p. of annumerare. See Numerate.] To add on; to count in. [Obs.] --Wollaston.
Annumeration An*nu`mer*a"tion, n. [L. annumeratio.] Addition to a former number. [Obs.] --Sir T. Browne.
Per annum
Per Per, prep. [L. Cf. Far, For-, Pardon, and cf. Par, prep.] Through; by means of; through the agency of; by; for; for each; as, per annum; per capita, by heads, or according to individuals; per curiam, by the court; per se, by itself, of itself. Per is also sometimes used with English words. Per annum, by the year; in each successive year; annually. Per cent, Per centum, by the hundred; in the hundred; -- used esp. of proportions of ingredients, rate or amount of interest, and the like; commonly used in the shortened form per cent.
Stannum Stan"num, n. [L., alloy of silver and lead; later, tin.] (Chem.) The technical name of tin. See Tin.

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- latin hornus 'of this year'. latin annus (a 2nd declension masculine noun; annum is the accusative singular; annī is genitive singular and nominative plural;
- not have an encyclopedic article for per annum (search results). you may want to read wiktionary's entry on 'per annum' instead.wiktionary:per annum
- 1871 $7,500 per annum 1874 $5,000 per annum 1907 $7,500 per annum 1925 $10,000 per annum 1932 $9,000 per annum 1933 $8,500 per annum 1934 (2/1) $9
- annum sacrum (meaning holy year) is an encyclical by pope leo xiii on the consecration of the entire world to the sacred heart of jesus. it was delivered
- almanach cracoviense ad annum 1474 (cracovian almanac for the year 1474) is a single-sheet astronomical wall calendar for the year 1474, and poland's
- annum ingressi was an apostolic epistle written by leo xiii in 1902. it was addressed to the bishops of the world reviewing the twenty five years of his
- this article is about the metric unit of m****. for other ton units, see ton. for other uses, see tonne (disambiguation). the tonne (i/tʌn/) (british
- for other uses, see millennium (disambiguation). see also: list of millennia a millennium (plural millennia) is a period of time equal to 1000 years. it