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Definition of Whining

Whine Whine, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Whined; p. pr. & vb. n. Whining.] [OE. whinen, AS. hw[=i]nan to make a whistling, whizzing sound; akin to Icel. hv[=i]na, Sw. hvina, Dan. hvine, and probably to G. wiehern to neigh, OHG. wih[=o]n, hweij[=o]n; perhaps of imitative origin. Cf. Whinny, v. i.] To utter a plaintive cry, as some animals; to moan with a childish noise; to complain, or to tell of sorrow, distress, or the like, in a plaintive, nasal tone; hence, to complain or to beg in a mean, unmanly way; to moan basely. ``Whining plovers.' --Spenser. The hounds were . . . staying their coming, but with a whining accent, craving liberty. --Sir P. Sidney. Dost thou come here to whine? --Shak.

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- file:doh. jpg , frustrated man date june 2010 the emotional response of frustration. file:9 of 365 frustration. jpg , a woman who is frustrated
- gnällbältet, swedish, 'the whining belt', a geographic belt in central sweden where the dialect s have certain features in common, mostly
- the new york review of books that little whinging's name is 'a joke that american readers may not get: we would call the place little whining
- failures (1983), whining and dining (1984), and epstein on the beach (1985). references sources : 'bold whines in new battles.'
- writer contributing to programmes including have i got news for you? and is the author of the humorous travel book the long and whining road
- gravano later claimed that garafola, in a jailhouse visit, suggested both of them cooperate with the government: 'it's my whining brother-
- among others including shut up, stop whining, & get a life, overachievement, how to master the art of selling and mi barrio these books
- the call is a whining sheee .. .sheee, and the song is a crisp twik twik twik twik twik . references- birds of the gambia by barlow,
- may have been inspired by the raf station at moreton-in-marsh , along with the word 'binding', period raf slang for whining or complaining.
- screen whining. battery life. palm, inc. released a second version of the zire 72, the zire 72s, which is silver. this change fixed the